This Science-Backed Cheatsheet Is What You Need To Lose Weight Fast!

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Who doesn’t want to lose weight fast and look stunning in no time? It’s something more and more coveted in this day and age. In fact, you’ll find more searches on google how to lose weight compared to anything else!

Let’s cut this short, there are only three things to take care of if you want to lose those pounds quickly and forever.

Science says, good food, good sleep, and good mental health is all you need to look and be the most fab you ever. The best way to lose weight fast is by having a balance in these three.

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Good Food, Smart Eater

If you’re thinking, “How to lose weight fast?”, good food is the answer. Crash diets and starvation may make you skinny. But the weight creeps back on very quickly.

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Eating good food symbolizes, eating right and eating food that helps your body. Each one of us is different and has different scales of needs towards nutrients. The best way to be a smart eater is to practice mindful eating.

Also, science suggests you include the following things in your diet. This will surely help you to lose weight fast and remain healthy while doing so.


  • Protein, vegetables, and good fat: Lean meat, Organic Eggs , low carb vegetables and good fats like clarified butter, Olive oil, and Canola Oil.


  • Starch and sugar: Baked goodies, chocolate stuffed food, polished white rice, white bread, fried potato items.

Exception: Organic honey. This is one thing that actually removes almost 15% of your body fat when consumed mixed in warm water and lemon.

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Eat on time

#1 Science says it is always better to eat on time and eat an early dinner. Your body doesn’t really rest until five hours after your meal.  So If you want to catch a good night’s sleep and be free of digestive issues, eat dinner five hours prior to bed.

#2 Never skip breakfast.

Eat like a King in the morning, like a Prince in the afternoon and like a beggar at night.

– Unknown Source

This is a popular saying around where I live. What this means is that to be healthy and to lose weight fast, you must portion and time your meals.

A heavy breakfast keeps anxiety away, it also curbs sugar cravings and reduces cortisol, (The stress hormone which is the leading reason behind obesity today).


Good Sleep, Forever Youthful

Good sleep comes with good eating habits. Also, when you put in physical work to your day, you actually sleep better.

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Sleeping solid 8 hours per day helps keep your skin glowing and also keeps your metabolism rate healthy. This is the main factor that will help you lose weight fast. It is the body’s way of rejuvenation and when you sleep well, you don’t just lose weight but also look younger.


Good Mental Health, Maintained By Exercise

There’s no weight loss journey that is complete without the aid of mental health. Science says that the way you feel greatly influences your weight. And the way you feel is influenced by your food intake and sleeping habits.

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How to lose weight fast with exercise

The best routine to lose weight fast is hitting the gym 3-4 times a week.
make sure you lift weight at least three times in the week. As this keeps your metabolism rate high and also takes care of your mental health.

With these three simple factors, you can lose weight fast and forever! So what do you do to lose weight fast?

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