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Five No Bullshit Ways To Lose Weight Quickly & Safely

There’s no rocket science behind losing weight. Being one of the most lucrative industries, weight loss difficulties are all that are marketed today. Thousands of products, suggestions and diets later, your high school jeans still don’t fit, summer-bod ystill remains a dream.

Let’s be honest, everything being sold out there, can’t get you a fit-body. We’re all born with unique genes and working with that is the only way to be fit and healthy.

This will be simple and straight. Just scientific facts and no bul***t. Weight loss is as natural to the body as is sleeping. Just a few easy techniques and you’ll ‘feel good, inside and out’. While each brings their own unending suggestions, here is all you need to know in a nutshell. The universal principles that shed those pounds and keep them off forever.


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We are what we eat. What you eat and how you eat influences the way you look and feel. This isn’t about cutting out your favourite treats or eating tasteless grains while dreaming of carbs.

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This is about eating right and eating wholesome foods. It is scientifically proven that 6 mini meals a day keep the fat from sticking to your body. If mini meals throughout the day seem tiresome, try making sure your breakfast is the heaviest and richest of your daily three meals.


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This goes without saying. Seventy percent of our body is water. While being majorly water, this not only keeps you looking young, but cuts down cravings and hunger too. Hunger? Yes. According to a 2009 study published in the Journal of the American Dietetics Association, modern humans have been found to be confused in differentiating between thirst and hunger.

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The confusion arising from all the fast-cheap and easy foods available daily. Next time you crave a guilty snack, just chug down some water and wait. Eat only if hunger seems to persist.


The golden key, literally is physical stimulation. Exercise daily for just 45 minutes, and that’s all! Researchers’ findings show that exercising beyond 45 minutes daily, leaves your body traumatised. Keeping that in mind, did you know, the best workout mantra has these three things: Stamina, Strength and Flexibility?

Stamina building includes cardio like jogging, swimming and dancing. While strength building is basically weight training. Finally and most importantly, flexibility can be bettered through yoga and stretching. A good balance of these three in your workout regime will help you immensely in remaining healthy.

Steam Bathing

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Steam bathing is perhaps the most neglected area of the weight-loss journey. This not only keeps your metabolism running high, but also relaxes your strained muscles and revives your body and mind. Something you can always look forward to after a strenuous workout week.


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Having a solid 8-9 hour sleep time daily is pivotal in maintaining hormonal balance and a healthy metabolism rate. These are the two main factors that influence both weight loss and weight gain.

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We hope this brings the best! Remember, it’s not about strenuous workouts, but about science and basic habits.

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