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The World’s Going Bonkers Over Celery Juice! Here’s Why

The most recent health fad in the market is Celery Juice. And looks like this is here to stay. Countless individuals have taken to social media to speak of their amazing healing post downing Celery Juice. Turns out, though science has very little reaserch to prove the effects of this wonder herb, millions around the world are claiming otherwise.

Chronic Illness Sufferers are finally getting relief and are able to move forward by juicing this humble herb.Celery Juice is a powerful herbal extraction that contains something I call “Sodium Cluster Salts“. This is a sub-group of sodium that kills off pathogens that are responsible for your symptoms and conditions. Pathogens like Epstein-Barr Virus, Shingles,HHV6 and Bacteria.This is part of why everyone is healing, because that sub-group of sodium is actually destroying these bugs and moving people forward.

Anthony William , Medical Medium

Celery Juice can heal you completely

Millions spread all over the world are speaking of how this everday herb helped them get their lives back. Ranging from digestive disorders to auto-immune diseases, celery juice has a number of healing benefits for the human body. Check it out below:

When naysayers say, ‘There’s no scientific evidence to support celery juice’, this is a great insult to the ones who have suffered and struggled and now are finally gaining relief.Their stories are real and need to be heard instead of hidden like the chronically ill often are in the world today. No other trend has propelled this much healing yet in history,and the reason why it’s accelerating with such speed wihout funding is because it actually works. Therefore, it’s the first trend in our time that’s occuring because people are actually healing all over the world and not because there’s an agenda of monetary gain behind it.

Anthony William, Medical Medium

I’m not so sure about this?

It’s normal and natural to feel this way about anything new. What’s great about celery is that it has no side effects. Better than mass manufactured protein powders if you ask me. The recommended amount of celery juice per day is 16 ounces.

[Regarding the effectiveness of celery juice] Another technique that skeptics are using is saying that it must be Placebo. Because sience and research hasn’t studied celery juice yet.It’s easy to say when you haven’t gone doctor to doctor, looking for help and realizing science and reasearch doesn’t have all the answers. Celery Juice is the miracle people have been looking for, and they’re finally sharing their stories everyday on how they’re healing and regaining their health.

Anthony William, Medical Medium
Anthony William, Courtesy: Science-based medicine

Anthony William is the #1 New York Times best selling author of Medical Medium and other books. He is famous for his ability to connect with the Spirit of Compassion who enables him to spot out any health ailments in peoples bodies without any medical testing. When he was four he announced that his perfectly normal grandmother had lung cancer to much dismay of his family. What was even more shocking is that the medical results were true. Millions follow him today as the Medical Medium , owing to his accuracy and truly healing methods.

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