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Foods You Keep In The Fridge – But Should Never

When you live in a tropical region, your fridge is most likely to be overstuffed. Well, at least that’s the case with my mom! She’d stuff anything and everything into the fridge! Bananas, onions, ginger garlic, you name it!.

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Similarly, a wide majority of the world don’t seem to know what foods need to be refrigerated and what foods you should never put in the fridge. Some of the stuff can actually turn toxic if refrigerated.That’s why, knowing this is important.

Read on to know which food items should not be refrigerated.

1. Bananas

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Storing Bananas in your fridge will mess up their ripening. These fruits are best storedat room temperature. When you notice them browning however, you can just peel them and store them in a food grade ziplock bag and freeze the, for later use in ice creams or smoothies.

2. Onions and garlic

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Speaking of which food need to be refrigerated, onions and garlic are definitely not in the list. Refrigerating them, saps all the moisture and flavour out of them.

3. Potatoes

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Refrigeration can mess with protatoes big time. If you don’t like soggy bland potatoes, do not refrigerate them. Though freezing cut potatoes for french fries is another thing altogether.

4. Condiments (sauces and vinegar)

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Sauces of all kinds like ketchup, salad dressings and soy base sauces don’t need to be refrigwerated. Their high salt, sugar or citrus content is enough to preserve them.

5. Stone Fruits

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All types of fruits with a seed(stone) or pit in the center are a big no no when it comes to refrigeration. Storing uncut stone fruits of any kind will dehydrate them and kill their flavor.

6. Citrus foods

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Citrus fruits are preserved by their thick skin and don’t go bad easily when left outside. If you have diced or cut citrus foods though, refrigerating them in an air tight container is best. Also, there is no harm in refrigerating citrus foods but technically you don’t need to.

7. Cooking oil or any type of oils

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This goes without saying. Oil is something fungi and bacteria cannot live on.In India, a whole herotage of pickles are made and stored over years using oil’s preservative qualities. You really don’t need to refrigerate oils of any kind.

8. Tomatoes


Tomatoes go bland and soggy when refrigerated.It’s best to leave them out in room temperature if you want flavorful and nutrient rich tomatoes in your diet.

9. Whole and uncut water fruits like melons

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Melons have incredibly thick skin and long shelf lives under room temperature conditions. Storing melons in your fridge will mess with their ripening and even make them soggy inside. Don’t refrigerate melons until you’ve cut them.

That’s all there is to right refrigeration. There are also some clever hacks to storing any type of fruit. Do check that out too.

So how many items on this list did you not know about?

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