Mindful Eating, The Key To Beating Disease And Obesity

There are hundreds of diets out there in the world, all screaming that they can fix you. Millions of doctors and nutritionists writing medication to deal with digestive problems. Thousands of gyms rolling in their profit of millions, all because people have forgotten how to eat.


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The reason I say this is because when you view nature, you see that animals have little or no education about nutrition, despite which, they somehow always end up eating what their body needs. Cows graze, and lions hunt. Snails snack on leaves and monkeys on bananas! How come we humans have no such prerequisite diet that classifies us as human?


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Turns out, the world of fast food and easy nutrition has dulled mankind towards recognizing each’s own body needs. Not knowing what to eat is probably the biggest crisis we face as mankind today. The reason mindful eating helps you heal on such a deep level is that it helps reconnect the needs of your body o your mind. this way you are no longer oblivious of the foods that you need to stay healthy.

How to practice mindful eating?

First things first, let’s define mindful eating.

Mindful eating is the practice of cultivating an open-minded awareness of how the food we choose to eat affects one’s body, feelings, mind, and all that is around us.

-Lexicon Of Food

Being aware of what you eat and how you eat is an art that is intrinsic to your nature. However, tapping back into it does take a bit of time. With regular meditation and awareness practices you can fully enjoy the benefits of knowing what’s good for you to eat again! Until then, you can follow this ayurvedic guide to eating based on your body type and eating habits.

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Eventually, you’ll get to the place of intuitively knowing what you must eat for your health. Ayurveda is the oldest wisdom on earth pertaining to human health and well being. Dating over 3000 years, this ancient Indian science stands strong even today. There are three categories based o the type of eater you are.

1. Vata


If you’re the type who eats on the go and snacks way too often, this is you. The best course of action for Vata types is to sit down and eat calmly. Mindful eating this way helps your digestive system stay tip top. Eating too quickly results in gastritis and other problems like stomach bloating and indigestion. The reason being, when you eat too rapidly you swallow a lot of air.

2. Pitta

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If you find yourself a very strict eater with heavy punishments for indulging in food outside your diet, you fall in this category. Pitta types tend to be too harsh on themselves, thanks to their sheer dedication to stick to their plans. What happens when you’re dieting too much or punishing yourself a lot is that, the nutrient absorption quotient goes down in your body. Mindful eating for Pitta types is all about being generous and kind with yourself. This way, the food you eat will actually start to nourish you.


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If you find yourself an overindulgent eater, this is where you fall. Kapha’s eat more than their body can take. The best way to practice mindful eating for this type is by eating slow and eating cross-legged. When you eat while sitting cross-legged, your stomach fills up faster and prevents you from overeating.


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