6 Relationship Rules That Are More Than Okay To Break

Relationships are hard. Setting some ground rules makes them easier. So does breaking a few of them, only the ones that are obsolete with today’s generation and absolutely unnecessary to have. These rules when broken can make your love life smoother and lovelier. Isn’t that what you want? If you are a little rebel, you would love to break these rules for the greater good of your relationship. Here they are:

1. Live-in before marriage is forbidden

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It is 2019 and live-in has kind of become a prerequisite for a relationship to sustain. So many marriages could have been saved and so your time if you had lived with your partner before marriage. It is one thing to spend time with one another, it is different when you have to live with that person close during most parts of your day. Living in will you also reveals the red flags that you have been ignoring and could save your life by spending it with someone you don’t like or are not compatible with.

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2. Sex should always be amazing

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Sex should not be the basis of your relationship. It is great of you guys are sexually compatible but what is more important is the emotional understanding with each other. It is impossible to have amazing sex almost every time. If you guys are willing to try things in the bedroom and respect each other, sex will automatically be fine. Don’t worry about it. Just keep trying and keep the communication open.

3. Be honest with each other always

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Is honesty the best policy in relationships? Well, not always. While you should not lie to your partner, some confessions can ruin your happy relationships. Sometimes keeping things to yourself can save relationships. This should not mean that you lie to or keep things from your partner. Don’t lie to them about the things that do matter.

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4. Love each other’s family

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Who says you have to get along with each other’s family? It is not a relationship rule you should abide by. If you don’t get along with your spouse’s family, that’s alright. Don’t go breaking relationships over it. Sometimes, you are perfect for each other but not your family. It doesn’t have to be. You have to spend your life with your spouse, not with his or her family. Just make enough effort to get along during family gatherings and holidays.

5. A guy should always pay

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We are not in the 20th century anymore where man is the sole bread earner in the family. In fact, there is nothing sexier than a woman taking a lead on the expenses along with her man. You guys are in this together as a team. So, you both share the responsibility equally. The same goes for the household chores. It is not a woman’s job alone. 

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6. No friends of the opposite sex

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Ugh! Could you guys be any more narrow-minded? You are in a toxic relationship if your spouse does not approve of you having friends from the opposite gender. Mainly, this disapproval arises from jealousy and insecurity. No relationship can be successful if you don’t put trust in your partner. You can have chemistry sans romance with friends from the opposite gender.

If you really want a successful and harmonious relationship, then you have to be willing to let these stupid rules go. When there is no trust or freedom in a relationship, it can really become stifling and toxic. You may have any number of rules in a relationship or not, but make sure none of those are the ones listed above.



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