The Very Best Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Men In 2019

Honestly, when it comes to tattoos, they can up your game exponentially. A good tattoo placed anywhere on your body gives you something of a status quo, a rogue-ish look and something that spells a lot like a sexy rebel.

Knowing how personal a thing tattoos are for tattoo lovers, don’t let anyone judge or discriminate you based on your tattoo. Whatever tattoo design you choose, it should be something that you love or deeply regard.

How to go about getting inked?

A tattoo is for life and when looking to get inked, you may want to skim through some failproof good designs. Once you’ve picked out your favorite art, you can work with the tattoo artist to customize the design to your liking. To make it all the more personal.

Whether you’re a newbie to the tattoo world or a seasoned pro, we’ve curated a list of the best in trend shoulder tattoo ideas for men to help you choose the best tattoo for your shoulder(s).

Check it out!

#1 Odin God Of War Shoulder tattoo

Now, if you have a soft spot for Old Norse Gods or just simple Odin, The God of War, this is the pick for you. You can rummage through other designs in this category too. Just know that this Norse God maybe Old, but a tattoo of him will never get old!

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#2 Japanese Shoulder sleeve tattoo

One of the oldest ways to identify cults and gangs in Japan is by the tattoo they wear. And honestly speaking, the tattoos are simply marvelous. Generally showcasing dragons, storms, seas and other deities, the Japanese shoulder sleeve tattoo is a must if you love all things Japanese.


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#3 Tribal shoulder tattoo ideas

For those who want to flaunt their wild uninhibited side, there’s nothing better than a well designed tribal shoulder tattoo. Remember the god Mauii?, from Disney’s Moana? well, even if you don’t, you can always look to him for inspiration on this matter.

Here below is an example of intricate and well designed tribal patterns as a shoulder tattoo.

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#4 Wings shoulder tattoo

There are hardly very few people not fascinated by angels and all things pertaining to the sky and above. A wing shoulder sleeve tattoo, is a sure fire way to make some faces gape in awe or have people come over to you to examine your awesome tatt!

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#5 Comics and movie-inspired shoulder tattoos

Now, this can be anything from Forrest Gump, Looney tunes, to the Avengers. This is entirely your pick.

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#6 Skulls, ravens and goth themed shoulder tattoo ideas

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#7 Battle armor and war-themed shoulder tattoo ideas

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#8 Dragons and mythical beasts shoulder tattoo design

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#9 Ethnic shoulder tattoo designs

This can be anything. FromMayan inscriptions to Present-day things. This can also be protective spells, astronomy or just about anything that has ancient roots.

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#10 Some other cool shoulder tattoo suggestions

Whoever said flowers don’t look good on guys?

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