5 Reasons Why Moving In Together Is The Best Thing To Do Before Marriage

Do you like your home clean and prim and proper? Does dirt stress you out? Now imagine living with someone who’s the polar opposite of you and loves dirt maybe. Now that’s going to be a tough ride, ain’t it?


How to be sure that your partner fits you just perfect in every sense? The answer is, by moving in with them.


Because there are one too many marriages ruined by clashing preferences like these. In the long run, love may not be enough to single-handedly dampen clashing mindsets and polar opposite preferences in life. While the butterflies and unending forgiveness maybe there for a while, reality starts to kick in sooner or later and it all comes down to how easy or hard your life is with your partner.


Now I don’t want to sound like some old granny or a conventional mom giving you survival advice, but let’s face it. In the end, we want people that are compatible with us at least to the degree of cleanliness at home and basic preferences. While you both can be polar opposites and still make it work (there are many like this); there’s no way of knowing how your partner will react to your lifestyle, preferences and personal beliefs, until you move in with them.

Here are some solid facts regarding how moving in can help you make a sound and informed decision regarding marriage.

#1 Stressors and triggers


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Moving in together can help with identifying what triggers and stresses you both. When these pop up you can now work on not doing things that stress each other out.

#2 Lifestyle compatibility

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This is a big one. Always make sure your partner is compatible or at least tolerant of your lifestyle. It ain’t going to work any other way.

#3 Feeling beautiful and happy with them on a daily basis

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This applies to both sexes. When choosing to spend a lifetime with someone, always look at how they make you feel on a daily basis. You can only know the truth fully when you move in with them.

#4 Intimate understanding of who they really are

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When you stay together with your loved one, you get to know them, their quirks, their weaknesses and their joys – up close and very personally. This can even deepen your relationship together and is most easily achieved when you move in together.

#5 Throwing light on personal beliefs and boundaries

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Moving in with your partner prior to marriage is probably the best thing and you’ll now understand them on a deeper level. You can see for yourself if your personal beliefs clash or get along like PB & J.

There’s a famous quote around here where I live, it’s from a movie where a psychologist says these words to his patient.

Do you buy the first chair you see when you’re looking to buy chairs? No, you try out different chairs, test them out and then decide on what fits you best. So when you take so much effort to test chairs and see if they’re comfortable before buying one, shouldn’t you do the same or much more when looking for a life partner?

– Paraphrased quote from a Bollywood movie

So that’s what it is peeps! Test it out and make sure your chair fits just right. Take care!



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