These Japanese Candies Will Show You Heaven And Above

Japan is the only place in the world to have over 200 flavors of KitKat! It’s also the only the place in the world to have some of the most lip-smacking snacks ever.

Given the innovative candies in Japan, owning a Japanese candy box or kit is just going to be super lit. If you’re thinking of which candy box or candies are the best, this article is for you.

These are some of the best Japanese candies ever, including the Japanese KitKat and Japanese jelly candies. Honestly, you can grab hold of some of these candies with Japanese snack subscription boxes too. These will be a monthly supply of everything from sweet to savory. Almost like a potluck if you ask me. Check out this list to find out more on Japanese candy kits or Japanese subscription boxes.

Now if you want to ditch the savory part and skip right to dessert, then this list is what you need. Get your sweet tooth ready, as we’re all set to dig in.

#1 Japanese KitKats

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Must try: Green Tea Kit Kat and Matcha Powder KitKat

#2 Konpeito


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This hard candy was originally introduced in Japan by the Portugese. The name is a derivative of the Portugese word for sugar,’ confeito’. These used to be one of the most expensive and sought out candies in ancient Japanese history.

#3 Hello Kitty Matcha Green Tea Marshmallow

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Matcha Green Tea Marshmallow, need we say anymore?

#4 Hi-chew


One of the most popular Japanese mainstream chewing gum candies.They’re available in over 170 flavors.

#5 Pure Gummy Grape

courtesy: Japan Stuffs


One of the few that has collagen and sweet grape juice at the center. This sweet and sour tasting gummy is also rich in vitamin C.

#6 Popin Cookin – DIY candies


The best one in this range of DIY candies is the Popin cookin sushi DIY candy Kit. Basically, you’ll be provided with all thematerials you need to make a candy platter that looks exactly like a sushi meal. Tastes pretty awesome according to the reviews.

#7 OTOKO ume candy




Now these are a taste of Japanese tradition at its best. These hard plum candies are a sour and salty confection made from real umeboshi plums.

#8 E-ma


These miniature candies are a hybrid of hard and soft candies. Coated entirely in xylitol on the outside, their outer cover is rich in vitamin C ,making them a great thorat candy option. They’re available in other flavors too.

#9 MOKO MOKO Mokoletto (toilet candy)

courtesy: Bippo

Yes, you read that name right. This candy literally is a miniature candy toilet. All you gotta do to prank your loved ones is bag this and feed it to them blindfolded.

#10 Fettuccine

courtesy: Kawaii surprises Japan


Sweet and sour tasting, this amazing gummy candies are named after fettucine pasta as they’re shaped like them.

Worthy mention :

Japanese Candy Kits are the best, you can grab some of these DIY Candy Kits. The crowd favorite is the Chocolate Kinako Mochi DIY kit. Here are the rest:

  1. Choco Banana DIY Kit
  2. Sticky Ramune Candy DIY Kit
  3. Neru Neru Nerune Grape DIY Candy Kit
  4. Candy Apple DIY Kit
  5. Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream DIY Kit



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