10 Foods for A Healthy Liver That Nobody Told You About

A healthy liver is essential for a healthy body, because your liver is the most powerful tool for detoxifying your body. Not only that, the liver also helps in making red blood cells, food digestion, synthesis of proteins, and waste disposal.

This is why it is vital to take good care of your liver, which means cutting down on the alcohol and adding healthier foods to your diet. We bring to you 10 food items which boost the health of your liver, and help keeping the toxins at bay.

#1. Grapefruit


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According to a study by World Journal of Gastroenterology, grapefruit contains two powerful anti-oxidants called naringenin and naringin. These antioxidants protect the liver cells from the chemicals found in processed food, and they also reduce inflammation.

Also, grapefruit helps in burning excess fat and reducing fat buildup in your body. Check out these 5 fat-burning fruits to reduce your weight dramatically

#2. Water

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Water is probably the most ideal drink to have in any situation, any health condition. Drinking plenty of water helps your liver in easily removing the toxins from your body by working as a perfect solvent.

Did you know that you shouldn’t drink water when you are dehydrated!? Here are the drinks to have instead.

#3. Oatmeal

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A research by International Journal of Molecular Sciences discovered that oatmeal gives a power boost to your immune system and reduces inflammation, beta-glucans found in oatmeal also fights against diabetes and obesity.

Also, the fiber in oatmeal keeps your digestion smooth, and reduces body fat. Best choice for you would be to get whole oats or steel-cut oats, because the packaged oatmeal contains a lot of sugar and flour.

Try this 4-minute recipe to make the healthiest pancake with oatmeal and egg-whites.

#4. Olive oil 

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According to another research by World Journal of Gastroenterology, olive oil contains a rich amount of unsaturated fatty acids which reduce stress on the liver and boost the functioning of your liver.

Also, olive oil is one of the 9 food items for cleansing toxins from your kidney.

#5. Almonds

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Almonds are packed with the healthiest of vitamins – the vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for fighting against fatty liver disease.

In addition, almonds are also good for your heart. Combine almonds with these tasty and healthy foods to have on an empty stomach in the morning.

#6. Coffee

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There are surely many benefits of drinking coffee, such as drinking two cups of coffee on a daily basis can protect the liver from alcohol damage.

Coffee reduces the fat buildup in your liver, it produces anti-oxidants, it removes cancer-causing materials and therefore reducing the risk of liver cancer.

This is how you make the best cup of coffee. 

#7. Grapes

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Grapes are the epitome of goodness, especially the red and purple grapes. They contain an anti-inflammation chemical called Resveratrol, that prevents liver damage.

Best way to consume grapes for a healthy liver is to have whole, seeded grapes.

#8. Garlic

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Garlic is an excellent choice to reduce the fat buildup in your liver. According to a study in the Advanced Biomedical Research journal, having garlic everyday helps in controlling body weight, and boosts liver function.

You know that garlic does nothing to the vampires, but did you know that garlic actually attracts blood-sucking creatures?

#9. Broccoli

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Despite all the hate that Broccoli gets, it is beneficial for your body is so many ways. Research suggests that broccoli can protect you from several types of liver diseases.

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#10. Green Tea

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Green tea is literally the elixir of the real world. Many studies have shown that green tea reduces the risk of liver cancer, reduces fat buildup, reduces stress and helps your liver in functioning smoothly.

Also, green tea is one of the 8 superfoods that can give a divine glow to your skin.


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