This Is How You Make The Best Cup Of Coffee

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When it comes to coffee, no compromise is the best way to go. If you’re tired of cashing out at good ol’Starbucks each morning, this is for you. Did you know that you can make coffee better than a cafe right at home? Yes, turns out it all boils down to five simple things. 1. Water 2. Ratios 3. Equipment 4. Essence and 5. Precision.

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As simple as it may seem to list out these things, a great cup of coffee is anything but cheap. To truly know what a connoisseur’s cup o’joe tastes like, you must be willing to make a solid investment. As important as the sourcing of the coffee bean, is the quality of your coffee making equipment. In case you’re wondering why coffee bean at all? Well, we’ll cover all that and more under essence. So without wasting another second, here is how you can make the absolute best cup of coffee, all day or everday as you please.

1. Water

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A lot depends on the temperature of the water you use. Brewing the best cup of coffee comes with temperature precision. of the water is too hot, you’ll have a bitter tasting coffee. If the water is too lukewarm, you’ll have a flavorless brew. The ambient and most perfect temperature for brewing ridiculously awesome coffee is around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Another important aspect is the smell and taste of the water. If your regular tap water is not up to the mark, try using bottled water instead.

2. Ratios

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The general ratio for a good brew is on the lines of one part coffee with 15-17 parts water. Or if you want to be truly precise check out the video below. You may also want to invest in weighing equipment for this. Truly good coffee is made only with accurate measurements. Online recipes generally miss out the accuracy part. To be 100% sure of your coffee ratio, follow this video.

3. Equipment

For great coffee do invest in quality equipment. A great choice for perfectly brewed coffee would be a french press. This has an all-glass ensemble with a stainless steel lid. No worries about free radicals from plastics this way at least. The method most coffee connoisseurs use is the pour over method. If that’s too complicated to follow on a daily basis, you may as well just pick up a precision coffee maker.

4. Essence

What’s a perfectly brewed cup of coffee without great flavor. For a coffee that smells as sweet as it tastes, choosing the right coffee bean is key. You can get ground coffee in the market easily, this is not a great choice however if you’re looking for great flavor. Invest in a precision coffee bean grinder along with choice coffee beans like this.

5. Precision

In the end, making the best cup of coffee is all about precision. How precise your ratios are, how precise your grinding equipment and brewing pot are. To make the best cup of coffee, you really need to have the best of all these five factors. Given you do, you’re well on your way to relishing the very best cup of coffee always.

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