10 Popular “Healthy” Foods That Are Secretly Harming Your Body

There are many foods that we consider healthy and eat them often. But as it turns out, these “healthy” foods are actually very unhealthy for us and can cause severe health issues.

But we don’t realize that our health issues are because of eating these foods, and we keep searching for other reasons for our sickness.

We have made a list of popularly considered “healthy” foods which are extremely unhealthy for you:

#1. Multigrain bread

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Multigrain bread is just a fancy marketing gimmick by throwing in buzzwords like “multigrain”, “wheat” and “7-grain”. Breads like this are made from refined grains, so they are extremely low in fiber content. Having low-fiber bread increases your blood sugar levels and makes you hungry.

Always opt for whole-grain breads instead of refined grain breads, if your goal is to eat healthy.

#2. Sushi

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Sushi is commonly seen as fresh fish with no heavy sauces, but it actually has a very unhealthy side to it. People tend to eat a lot of sushi to feel full, and sushi has so much of rice and almost little to no vegetables.

According to nutritionist Rachel Beller, a sushi roll is like eating a sandwich with full-fat mayo and imitation crab meat.

It’s better to choose sushi rolls wrapped in cucumber, or with lesser amount of rice, and always remember to have some side salad so that you eat less of sushi and more vegetables for a balanced meal.

#3. Baked beans

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Green beans, fresh beans, raw beans and most varieties of beans are very healthy. But baked beans are made with pinto beans, sugar, syrup, and molasses – giving you a high dose of sugar and a lot of calories.

Healthier way to have beans is to add them to salads or curry.

#4. Trail mix

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Trail mix is usually a healthy option but only if you make it yourself at home. If you are buying trail mix from a store then it usually comes with salty nuts, sesame sticks, deep-fried chips, pretzels etc. which are extremely unhealthy options.

Make your own trail mix by combining unsalted nuts and seeds with dried fruits, you can pour in a little honey too if you are using a spoon or don’t mind getting your hands messy.

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#5. Energy bars

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The so called “energy” bars contain more sugar and calories than the plain candy bars.

You can make no-bake energy bars at home by using some whole grain nuts, honey, dried fruits and nuts along with protein powder of your choice.

#6. Packaged turkey

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While unpackaged turkey is a healthy choice because it’s a lean protein that goes great with a lettuce sandwich. Packaged turkey bought from stores is processed meat and the extremely high amount of sodium in it can cause cancer – according to American Heart Association.

You can avoid this by buying low-sodium(less than 350 mg) slices or roasting and slicing your own turkey.

#7. Flavoured instant oatmeal

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Flavoured instant oatmeal comes with a lot more sugar and sodium than regular oatmeals.

Opt for plain unsweetened oatmeals and top it with berries, nuts, coconut flakes, bananas, and honey. You can also flavour it with peanut butter.

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#8. Banana chips

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While a banana is a supreme healthy snack since it’s loaded with fiber, vitamins, and potassium, a banana chips come with more calories and extra oil content. Remember that frying also destroys vitamin C and reduces the effect of other nutrients.

Original fruits and vegetables are always better than their chips.

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#9. Bottled green tea

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A 2018 report by discovered that bottled green tea has almost zero anti-oxidants, and the companies are just selling flavoured water in the name of green tea.

It is advised to pick the green tea bags or powder if you want to have your cup of healthy and refreshing green tea.

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#10. Veggie patties

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Veggie patties seem like the healthier choice as compared to meat patties. But the unfortunate thing is that processed veg patties come with a high amount of fillers – to create a burger-like texture. They are also full of processed ingredients, preservatives, and additives which are unhealthy for you to eat.



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