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9 Best Post-Workout Snacks To Boost Your Stamina and Endurance

Fitness experts advise that you should have a healthy snack within an hour after your workout. Your body needs protein for muscle repair and recovery, while carbohydrate is needed to keep your energy stores stocked.

Best choice for post-workout snacks are the ones which have low calorie but high protein content. We have compiled a list of best post-workout snacks that will give you the much needed boost while being healthy and delicious at the same time.

#1. Healthy trail mix

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Healthy trail mix is one of the best and the easiest snacks to have after a hard workout. It contains all three macro-nutrients that your body needs: protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrate. You can make healthy trail mix by using almonds, pecans, cashews, raisins, walnuts, cranberries, coconut etc.

#2. Sweet potatoes

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Your body craves sugar after an intense workout, but you should make sure that you go for complex carbohydrates instead of falling for simple sugars. Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates which help refuel your body once you are exhausted. Best way to have sweet potatoes is with lean protein like grilled fish, chicken, or lentils.

#3. Eggs and toast

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Eggs and toast are the classic snack to have after a rigorous workout. Eggs contain wholesome proteins while carbohydrates from toast are essential to refuel your body’s energy stores.

Please note that the yolk of the egg contains high amounts of protein, vitamin D, and Omega-3. That’s why you should never throw away the yolk.

You can try these healthy and delicious egg recipes which are quick and easy to make.

#4. Green tea

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After exercise, harmful free radicals are created in your body. Green tea helps in detoxifying your body by removing free radicals, and it is also one of the best drinks that help you burn the excess fat in your body.

Not to forget, green tea is one of the best hydrating drinks more powerful than water.

#5. No bake energy bars

Image Credit: Cooking Mamas

While energy bars might seem like a good idea for a post-workout snack, the store-bought bars are highly processed and packed with plenty of sugar and fats.

You can either buy no-bake energy bars from your local stores, or you can make them yourself by using some whole grain nuts, honey, dried fruits and nuts along with protein powder of your choice.

#6. Tuna sandwich

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Tuna sandwich is surely a power-packed option, as Tuna is a rich source of protein that helps in building and repairing of your muscles. It also helps build your stamina and endurance.

Although, note that you should use Ezekiel bread or melba rounds for making the sandwich. Those two are the healthiest breads you can find.

#7. Greek yogurt with berries

Image Credit: The Kitchen Magpie

Greek yogurt with berries is another of the easy and quick options that you can try after your workout session.

Greek yogurt is loaded with protein and it is light on the digestive system. While berries are packed with energy-restoring carbohydrates and a variety of phytochemicals which strengthen your immune system, balance the hormones, and even fight cancer cells!

#8. Stir fry

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If you have your workout sessions in the evening, then a steaming plate of stir fry is the best choice for a healthy dinner. Take some green vegetables, leafs, beans, peas, carrots, and meat like chicken, mutton, beef, or shrimp – fry them together and have it piping hot.

It helps in repairing your muscles, building your energy stores, and not to forget – a stir fry tastes delicious.

#9. Chocolate cherry smoothie

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Cherry juice is said to be the best beverage for muscle recovery. It comes loaded with a wide variety of antioxidants, that reduce muscle soreness and enhance your endurance.

However, dieticians advise that you should mix tart cherry juice with either chocolate milk or Greek yogurt. Chocolate milk is called the “gold standard for recovery” because it comes with quick-absorbing carbs, proteins, and electrolytes.

Also, contrary to popular belief, milk does not make you fat.


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