Meet New People & Chill With This App That’s Going Viral – Right Under Your Nose

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If you have an internet connection and ample surfing time, and you’re still crushing candies or hitting pissed birds, chances are you haven’t heard of this latest internet phenomenon !

Pally, an android app for instantly having video conversations with random people around the world, is going viral right under your nose. The powerful tool for social discovery, comes packed with smashing features like face filters to make your video conversations more fun. You can also semi-controlling who you end up meeting with gender and location filters. 

If like most of us you grew up being ordered not to talk to strangers, this latest internet phenomenon will come with an element of an addictive thrill. The premise is simple: Connect with new people around the world using your webcam, and if you don’t like the person you encountered, simply swipe to move to a new match. 

Here are 5 reasons why you NEED to try this app now!

#1  Meet new people from over 110 countries

With thousands of people online at all times, Pally will randomly connect you with exciting people just like you. With a community that spans over 100 countries, you can chat with people all around the world. After all, borders don’t have to be limits. 

The most thrilling part is you never know who you’re going to meet next. Don’t like the person you’re talking to ? Just swipe to move on to another conversation.

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#2  Ditch deceptive DPs, go live on video chat

How real were the connections you ever made on those dating and socialising apps? With Pally you can video chat with strangers and make real and lasting connections. Life is all about the people you meet, so listen to their stories, tell yours and have all the fun you wanted to. 

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You can also talk to people you liked again by sending them friend requests (and maybe also ask for a date this time?) 


#3  Never be bored with the coolest of features

Sure, for some of us making new friends is as nerve-wracking as it was in middle-school! And that too on online video chat with strangers ? Noooooo!! Ease off, the free random chat app comes packed with features like cool face filters, lets you send virtual gifts, hearts and hugs, to spice up your cam to cam chats and ward off awkward moments!

If you’re still unsure, follow this ultimate guide on initiating conversations on social media and you’ll become a pro in no time.

#4 Wondering about safety ? Don’t ya worry girls

If the idea of online video calling with strangers leaves you wondering about safety, you need to know that this female friendly app uses a community reporting system to weeds out unwanted users displaying inappropriate behaviour. The app also has ‘monitoring guards’ to watch for sketchy users. The detailed location of users is never shared with anyone.


Image Courtesy : Pally Live

#5 You’ll love to talk to random strangers; even science swears 

 This study says you might like talking to strangers more than you realise, while this research has found some of the most surprising benefits of talking to random strangers, including having a lasting impact on health, and helping you break out of your comfort zone which in turn makes you more productive and creative at work. Oh damn!  

So go on, download the app or go live on the web version, and enjoy unlimited free random chat. This will certainly be the best random video chat app you’ll use, because with Pally, you’re always in exciting company.

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