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The Secrets No One Tells You About Perfect Fried Eggs

There’s nothing more gratifying than biting into a perfectly fried egg packing a crispy  bottom that crunches beautifully with a surprisingly runny and warm soft yolk. There maybe a few that can’t stand eggs, for the rest of the world, breakfast is just incomplete without this gooey goodness.

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Fried eggs are versatile little things. They fit perfectly as a quick snack, accompaniment or even garnishing! On of the few things that bend according to your mood and occasion.


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What no one tells you about cooking perfect eggs

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It’s time we demystify the mystery behind all those times you tried to fry eggs but it didn’t go so well. We’ll explain how it’s done and may be you can figure out which part you missed out.

How to make the perfect fried eggs

#1 A Non Stick Skillet and a food grade rubber or wooden spatula:
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A good solid non stick skillet is a must have if you want those eggs perfect. No matter how much butter or oil you put if the pan is not non stick then your egg will most definitely stick to your pan. A food grade rubber spatula or wooden spatula is the recommended tool for you to remove or flip your egg as we don’t want to damage the non-stick pan’s surface.

#2 Fresh Eggs:
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Get the freshest eggs possible as science says the amount of protein in the whites is higher when they are fresh.Apart from the nutritional benefit; when you choose the freshest produce you are less likely to have a runny egg. The fresher the egg the tighter the egg white encases the  yolk.

PRO TIP: We also recommend that you let the eggs reach room temperature before you use them in case they are from a refrigerator.

Reason: If you add cold eggs to a hot pan they’ll bring down the temperature of the oil and most probably will cook unevenly and that’s not what we want in our perfect egg.

#3 Choose your oil:
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The best oils for frying your eggs are the ones with higher smoke point. Canola oil and Olive oil are both very good options as they have really high smoke points. You could use butter too but it has a very low smoke point so for buttery eggs, just add a dash of oil to the butter base, this keeps the butter from burning.


The Technique

  • In a medium sized preferably non stick pan add a generous amount of your preferred oil/butter till it completely covers the base of the pan. You might feel it’s a lot but trust me, you’ll need that.
  • It’s always best to add eggs in shimmering oil since we’re looking at a crispy bottom.
  • Before you start to cook crack the egg into a separate bowl so you can fish out any rogue eggshells so they don’t spoil your perfect egg.
  • Once you have put the egg into the shimmering pan tap at three places around the yolk so that you can prevent runny whites. Once the egg whites are completely solid add some seasoning.
  • Take a spoon collect the additional hot oil in the pan and pour it over the egg white but not the yolk as we want it to be runny.
  • At this point you need to choose the doneness of your egg.
  • If you want it sunny side up just cook for 3 minutes and if you like it super crispy then wait till the edges of the egg white turn a bit orange.

And…., that’s all there is to always nailing your fried eggs.



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