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Easy And Tasty Soup Recipes For Busy Bees

Your work is probably hectic and leaves you with no time to cook anything worthwhile for yourself and your family. It can also be that you’re away from home for the first time and need to learn how to cook. Whichever is your case, we’re here to make your life easier. You see, living on pizza ain’t actually the way it should be. You see, junk food usually lacks fiber content. Not to forget the oh-so-many preservatives loaded in that ketchup and mustard sauce.

Why soup?

Chances are these kinds of foods when assimilated, stick to the inner linings of your gut. Which causes a heck load of problems later on. Have you ever eaten take-out and felt like, you were better off hungry? Well, that is because these kinds of over-processed, preservative-loaded food; take energy from your body rather than the other way around.


Instead of welcoming a host of diseases by eating unhealthy, why not try these 15-20 minute healthy soup recipes. Why soup? because it’s the best way to start your morning. Given that you always have a stock of bread at home, just toast it in butter, fill up a bowl of soupy goodness and you’re good to go!.

When pressed for time so much that you can’t sit and eat, a bowl of soup is the best way to go!. Check out these incredibly healthy and tasty soup suggestions that you can make right at home.

#1 Turkey Pot Pie Soup

Got yourself some leftovers from the holidays? why not turn them into a soup!. This Turkey pot pie soup is the stuff of dreams come true. With its savory and heart warming nature. You’re in for a treat with this one.

#2 Chicken sweet corn soup

The easiset to make at home. When you don’t have much time to make a full-on breakfast, this soup is the best nutritious choice.

#3 Roasted carrot soup

Who can saw no to the aroma of roasted carrots. This beautiful soup is loaded with vitamin A and is very good for our health in the long run.

#4 French Onion Soup

Tangy, savoury and every bit delicious, this is one delicacy you must have.

#5 Vegetable clear soup

Big time veggie fan? What better way to have your favourite veggies than this? Just a dash of salt and pepper and you’re off to having the best vegetable clear soup ever.

#6 Tomato Soup

Looking for a soup that’ll keep you going through your day? Tomato soup must be your pick. Loaded with magnesium and essential nutrients, this tomato soup will keep you awake and running.

#7 Mexican Vegetable soup

Spicy, tasty, healthy and savoury – all in one bowl. Another great option if you are one of the few who loves vegetables.

#8 One pot Noodles soup

Who doesn’t like a bit of Asian awesomness on their plate? This one pot noodles soup is all you’ll ever crave for. What’s best, it’s easy to make at home.

#9 Broccoli Cheese Soup

A perfect blend of health and indulgence. This soup will be your favorites list for a long long time. Just be sure to season it right before diggin in.

#10 Mexican Chicken and rice soup

Finally! Last but not least. This soup will be a blast of flavor and taste on the very first sip.

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