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Michael Jackson’s Estate Re-listed At 31 Million!, Who Owns Neverland Ranch Now And Its Dirty Secrets

Thanks to one of the most chilling documentaries of this century; worldwide sensation, late Michael Jackson, seems to have no rest even in death. His previously 100 million dollar Neverland ranch has now been relisted at almost one-third of its former price.

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Michael’s Neverland

Jackson’s Californian paradise has found itself in the epicenter of the recent sexual assault allegations by Wade Robson and James Safechuck. The duo shed light on their horrific experience in HBO’s chilling documentary come 2019.

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There’s a third floor attic. It was kind of secluded. You could only get to it from these steep stairs,
– Safechuck on the estate’s hidden rooms and secret spots

As chilling as these accusations can be, they; regardless of their authenticity seem to have sent Michael’s Neverland estate into a downward spiral. HBO’s Leaving Neverland definitely seems to have plummeted the previous sky-high price of the estate.

What you can find in Neverland 

No one likes a home with gory history no matter how grand or beautiful it may be.

Speaking of grandiose, Jackson’s property is a sprawling 2700 acres of green land completed by a Ferris wheel, Bumping cars, roller coaster, and carousel and pirate ship!. Sources say that the late singer named his home after his favorite Disney movie, Peter Pan

A story revolving around a boy living on ‘Neverland’ where he never has to grow up. Given the nature of Michael’s troubled childhood, he may have drawn inspiration from this movie, reminiscing over his lost innocence as a child.

Maybe he wanted to provide what he never had to the children around him?. Well, that’s exactly what we all believed up until now.

The main house, Courtesy: business insider

The ranch main house consists of 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and over 12598 square feet of living space. Late Michael’s ranch also has 3 guest homes and 5000 plus square foot movie theatre, numerous barns, a pool house, and animal care facilities.

The pool house, Courtesy: BEAM
  • What did Michael Jackson pay for Neverland Ranch?:  Michael bought the ranch at 19.5 million.
  • How much is Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch worth now: After his passing, it was listed as 100 million USD in 2015 and dropped to 67 million USD by 2017.
  • Who owns Neverland Ranch now: The estate is currently up for grabs at 31 million. Sources also claim that Michael’s Children wanted to keep it in the family and that Lady Gaga has vowed to support the Ranch financially in order to do so.

Child Rape Allegations and more

Wade and Safechuck, Courtesy: BBC.com

There’s a storm rolling over late Michael and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to rest anytime soon. With the premiere of HBO’s controversial documentary, fans worldwide are still horror-struck at the bones that fell out.

Wade and Safechuck had previously testified on Jackson’s behalf when a civil suit was brought against him in 1993. However, in the documentary, Safechuck claimed that at the time, he “just did what I was told.” In 2005, Jackson went to trial over child molestation allegations but denied all allegations that he abused underage boys. He was found not guilty on all the charges that had been brought against him.

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Currently, The Neverland estate has challenged HBO to court over a breach of contract. The penalty would be a payment of 100 million USD by HBO in damage costs.

The crux of the estate’s argument is a 1992 deal HBO and Michael Jackson had over the airing of one of his concert specials, where there was a non-disparaging clause.


Well, while most of us find this side to Michael hard to believe. It sure does seem like wicked irony. Like all the gory Brothers Grimm origins for each of Disney’s fairytales; looks like Michael Jackson’s Neverland is no exception.

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