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Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s How To Calm Yourself In 2 Minutes

Do you have those moments at work or in your home when all of a sudden you begin to have feelings like you ‘just can’t’? You start doubting your capabilities and enter into a continuum of ‘what-if’ scenarios. Your thinking and decision-making ability are paralyzed and, everything from there just spirals. Even the thought of overwhelm can be overwhelming.

What possibly could be the reason behind your feeling of overwhelming?

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Overwhelming is when a thought takes over your mind or emotion. It sources from anxiety or depression and can even manifest into unpredictable behavior or a panic attack. When we think that the thing that has caused us huge stress is too great for us to manage, we get overwhelmed.

Stress at work is the number one reason for feeling overwhelmed. When things on your to-do list begin to pile up, it result in destructive chaos in your mind which makes you feel overwhelmed. You’d probably be wondering how to deal with such overwhelming stress.

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What to do when you are feeling overwhelmed?

First of all, accept your anxiety.

Fighting or denying such feelings won’t make you feel any good. It is absolutely normal to feel anxious or overwhelmed when you are stressed out. The moment you accept your emotions, the moment you get in control of your thoughts which brings us to the second point

Change your thoughts

Alter the mindset of ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I can if I take a five’. You have to stop thinking negative and generate alternative thoughts that will lead to positive emotions. Don’t be a slave to your ruminations.

Stop multitasking

So what if you have a long pending list of tasks? You anyway can’t do all at once, so, stop thinking about multi-tasking. The urgency that we create is what makes us feel overwhelmed. The world is not going to end if you do not accomplish that task right now.

Take a deep breath
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You need to calm down before you can concentrate on anything else. Take a long, deep breath. It helps your body be at ease and get relaxed.

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Be here and now

Overwhelming comes from overthinking when you start obsessing about all the things that can go wrong in the future. You have to shake those feelings and be here in this moment.

Distract yourself

The best way to shake those negative feelings away is to start having happy thoughts. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish in your free time or simply count your blessings to make yourself feel good. This is what you should do when you are feeling overwhelmed

Here is a list of the lists that you can make when the dark feelings of overwhelm begin to hover over your mind. Remember these lists does not have to be complete. It is only to give you a purpose in the moment and focus your mind better.

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List Ideas For When You Feel Overwhelmed

    1. Movies you want to watch
    2. Things you have accomplished so far
    3. Restaurants or cuisines you want to try
    4. All the crushes you have had
    5. Things you learned in high school
    6. All the plants that you want to have in your garden
    7. Gift ideas for someone special
    8. Things you want to learn to cook
    9. Your favorite fragrances
    10. Traits you want in your significant other
    11. Things that make you happy
    12. Theme ideas for your next party
    13. Things you want to tell your future self
    14. Playlist for your road trip
    15. Famous personalities you want to have dinner with
    16. Things you want to learn
    17. What makes you awesome
    18. Things or people you are thankful for
    19. Questions you don’t have answers to
    20. Ideas for your Startup

Next time you feel overwhelmed, just grab a pen and paper, take a deep breath, and scribble down a list of any of the things above that will instantly make you happy.

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