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Mental Health Awareness: It Is High Time You Start Caring

Did you know over 1 billion people in world have become a prey to mental illness, most of which are kids and adolescents? Your own family member or friend could be dealing with mental illness and you wouldn’t know. Even some of them don’t realize themselves. Such gruesome are the symptoms of mental illness. On top of it, the social stigma and misunderstanding associated with it make it even worse.

What is mental illness?

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Mental illness refers to a wide range of disorders that cause disturbance in thinking, behavior, and mood. Since the brain is also an organ, mental illness can also be denoted as the physical illness of the brain. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addictive behaviors, all come in the spectrum of mental illness.

Why is mental health awareness so important?

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Most people, who are suffering from any kind of disorder of mental ailment, do not realize it. Even if they do, they do not reach out for help because they feel ashamed of their condition. There is also a lot of misunderstanding against mental illness prevailing in the society. If not treated at the right time, it can lead to a poor lifestyle and increased risk of suicide. This is why mental health awareness is important to raise the concern and end the social stigma. Help provided at the right time can save a millions of life living in misery.

In US, mental health awareness month is observed in May reaching millions of people through media, events, and screenings. Green color represents mental health awareness and you may see a green ribbon on banners, social media, etc.

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week will be observed from October 6-12 to advocate about the rights and opportunities to receive mental healthcare across the world.

What can you do to promote mental health awareness?

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Show acceptance

If you know someone who has been struggling with mental health issues, then accept them for who they are. Don’t shun them from social groups or berate them for their condition. Try to get into their shoes and be supportive of their concerns and needs.

Be kind

People come from all walks of life. You may not realise if someone is dealing with anxiety or depression. All you can do is be kind to each other. Treat every human being with love and care.

Learn more about mental illness

This mental health awareness month, take a pledge to know more about the ailments of mind so that you can help those people who are dealing with anxiety and depression better and offer them proper care and support. Join organizations and communities who are fighting to end the social stigma associated with mental health.

Every 1 in 5 person will be affected with mental illness. The sooner we take actions, the sooner we will be able to eradicate the stigma and promote mental health in our society.



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