Things Women Look For When They Want Commitment

You might be dating the girl of your dreams or planning to ask her hand in marriage. You might even just be thinking of stepping into a commitment with her. It also could be that your lady asked you for commitment and you’re confused about this. Whichever group you fall into, here’s all you need to know; about what she means, wants and looks for in a commitment. This may even help you understand if you’re truly ready for commitment.

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What is a commitment in a relationship?

Before we dig into what she wants, let’s clear the air around commitment, shall we?. The general meaning of commitment for most ladies is exclusivity in relationships. It also stands for working on a long term future together. To be honest, commitment, in the end, boils down to one and just one thing. That is; choosing to be together forever or for a very long time.

Women want commitment

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There’s a lot to say regarding this. Some women prefer no strings attached in relationships, while others look for a stable ground to call home. We’re dealing with the sect that wants a stable long term relationship. When a woman looks for a commitment from a man, there are certain qualities he has that seem favorable to her. Qualities that prove him to be a dependable person to live a lifetime with. Speaking of these qualities; here are some of the major things commitment-ready women look for in men.

1. What does he value most in life


Shared visions for life and common interests are a green signal for a woman ready to settle.However, even more so is what you value most in life.

2. Maturity


Marriage or commitment comes with a lot of responsibility. And responsibilities come with their fair share of drama and sticky situations. The question is, is he mature enough to handle it?.

3. Responsibility


The willingness to assume responsibility makes a guy look incredibly dependable. Well, what’s marriage all about if not for looking out for each other now isn’t it?

4. Patience


Patience is a virtue when it comes to commitments and life long responsibilities (read children, expenses and daily chores).

5. Independence


Given that now we live in an age of egalitarianism, equality is the word. A self-reliant independent woman, looking to settle, will look for similar qualities in her mate.

6. Traditionalist or Adventurous


This depends on what she’s comfortable with. If she’s a carefree spontaneous lady she may actually look for similar qualities in a guy. But hey! who knows, opposites do attract.

7. How does he handle differences


Now, this is definitely very important. A man who knows how to graciously appreciate differences in personality and way of thought is generally most sought after.

8. Clear Communication


Women looking to settle value clear communication above all else. Without clear and honest communication, a life long commitment is bound to see many sloppy seconds.



Of course, this is perhaps what women want to know most. This is the burning question you can expect to be asked all through your time with her. It’s a matter of great joy for a woman to know the man she likes is very attracted to her.

10. Courteousness


Last but not least, courteousness and chivalry in a man are big green signs. Like the saying goes, Chivalry never dies!.

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