8 Secrets Benefits Of Guided Meditation You Weren’t Aware Of

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It isn’t just an apple that keeps the doctor away. Regular meditation also helps you deal with stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and many more conditions. On top of it, it helps you develop a positive outlook and self-discipline in life. More than a practice, it is the key to having a better and healthier lifestyle. Won’t you say?

The amazing benefits of guided meditation cannot be denied as several medical studies have been conducted to prove it.

1. Keeps Stress At Bay

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Studies have shown that mindful meditation helps in fighting stress. Whenever you are physically or mentally stressed, the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, increases in your body triggering the release of inflammation-promoting chemicals called cytokines. This results in disrupted sleep, increased blood pressure, depression and anxiety, and cloudy thinking. With mindful meditation, you can keep the levels of cortisol in check and reduce the inflammatory responses caused by stress.


2. Keeps Anxiety In Control

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One of the powerful benefits of guided meditation is that it reduces symptoms of anxiety disorders. Forget about having phobias, paranoid thoughts, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorders if you just do yoga every day. Meditation also helps you deal with job-related anxiety in high-pressure work environments.


3. Promotes Emotional Health

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The great importance of meditation is that it promotes emotional health. Practicing yoga and meditation every day leads to an improved self-image and more positive outlook on life. Studies have also found that those people who practiced meditation had measurable changes in the area related to optimism and positive thinking than those who didn’t.

4. Increases Self-Awareness

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If you have been struggling to understand yourself, self-inquiry meditation may help. One of the benefits of guided meditation is that it provides a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to those around you. Self-inquiry meditation also helps you deal with harmful and doubtful thoughts when you are depressed or feel low in life. With guided meditation, you can steer them to more constructive patterns.


5. Fights Addictions

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Another great importance of meditation is that it may help you fight addictions and break dependencies. You can get your self-control back and control your impulses with guided meditation. It not only increases the will power in a person, but also gives him an understanding of his addictive behavior.


6. Improves Attention Span

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Have you been dealing with mind-wandering, worrying, and poor attention lately? If yes, then guided meditation might just be the answer. One of the benefits of meditation is that it helps you increase the strength and endurance of your attention. Just as little as four days of meditation may show fruitful results.

7. Treats Insomnia

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Do runaway thoughts keep you up in the night too? Due to our busy lifestyle and induced stress, insomnia has become more common than ever – that nearly half of the population on the planet suffers from it. Studies have shown improved sleeping patterns as one of the benefits of guided meditation. People who meditate regularly sleep longer, better, and faster.


8. Reduces Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is a byproduct of stress and anxiety. If not treated well in time, it can contribute to atherosclerosis, narrowing of the arteries, which is responsible for heart attacks and strokes. One of the health benefits of meditation is that it keeps your blood pressure in check.

The best thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere and requires no specialized equipment. A few minutes each day can drastically improve your quality of life. It really is an effective way to improve the mental and emotional well being.



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