7 Easy Ways To Make Your Face Shine: Beauty Hacks You’ll Ever Need

If you are into watching Korean dramas, then you must have wondered how do Asians have a glass skin, flawless and shining all the time. You could literally see your reflection in their faces, that’s how shiny their skin is.

Skin is the largest organ in our body and we often ignore to take care of it that too when it’s the most visible thing on our body. One way to get flawless, shiny skin is to born an Asian but it’s not possible in this lifetime. Having a skincare ritual and avoiding a few mistakes like these can help you get a glowing facial skin.

1. Grapeseed oil to the rescue

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If you are struggling with acne, add a teaspoon of grapeseed oil to your toner and wait for the miracle to happen. Not only is it a great anti-aging serum, but it also moisturizes your skin layer and makes the skin color more dewy and smoother.

2. Apply cold cream on damp skin

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Next time you wash your face, don’t wipe it off with a towel. Instead, apply a moisturizer cream to give your skin a moisture boost and maximize the absorption of nutrients from the cream. Make it a ritual by placing the cream right next to the sink.

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3. Baby creams are a no-no

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Sure, baby creams make your skin soft but it is only a temporary fix. Your skin requires different nutrients when you grow up and baby cream doesn’t offer that. Adult face creams have collagen in it that is responsible for the repair and regeneration of skin cells. Moreover, baby skin has lanolin that is infact harmful to adults.

4. Use oil instead of highlighters

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Highlighters are full of synthetic chemicals and not good for your skin. However, it should not stop you from having shiny cheekbones. Use oil or serum for a chemical-free alternative and a more natural look. 

5. Aspirin will do the trick

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Aspirin cures not only headaches but also pimples and blemishes. Crush an aspirin pill and mix a drop of calamine oil into it. Apply it on the areas where you have pimples and blemishes and leave it for 15 minutes before you gently rinse it off. 

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6. Get rid of those blackheads

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Blackheads are disgusting. Here’s an easy hack to get rid of them. After you hop out of the shower or wash your face, apply a thick layer of cream on the areas with back heads. Put a piece of plastic paper and cover it with foil. Apply a warm towel over it. After 10 minutes, remove everything off and rub your skin gently. Press the index fingers wrapped in the napkins to prepare your skin for the process of removing blackheads.

7. Wash your face twice a day

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This may seem simple but many people skip washing their faces from their routine. You should never go to bed with unclean skin, especially if you have makeup on your face. Clean all that makeup with coconut oil instead of toner and wash your face before you go to bed.

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