Why Do My Headphones Keep Breaking? Here’s Your Answer

How many earphones have you broken in your life so far? 

I have broken like three in the past two months. If you have too, then welcome to the club.

Well, these things are made to last for years before they break down from wear and tear. So, obviously, you and I must be doing something wrong. The question we should be asking ourselves is…

Why do my headphones keep breaking?

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The answer is due to carelessness. Or, if you are using the cheap, fake ones, then don’t even bother yourself fixing them because they are junk. However, if you have spent a great amount of money on your headphones because you love your music so much and like to enjoy an amazing audio experience, then the first thing you can do is stop being careless with them

There are several common mistakes that we make which decreases the lifespan of our earbuds and earphones. Are you too making these mistakes too?


1. The Long Cord

Long cord may give you better functionality but it is also a problem. You might step on it, roll over it, or pull it when it gets stuck under something. All of these things are the reasons why your earphones don’t have a long life.

2. Dangle Angle

Dangling makes it much worse. When you leave your headphones hanging out on a table, it puts the cord under stress and decreases the life expectancy. If you somehow pinch or press the cord against the surface of the desk, then it is just a cold-blooded murder of your headphones.

3. When things get knotty

Those wires are going to get tangled and tied into knots. This is one of the main reasons why your earphones break down and become dysfunctional in the first place. Getting one of those earphone cases where it won’t let wired tangle with each other is how to prevent the headphones cable from breaking.

4. Pulling it

If you have a habit of pulling the cord rather than the plug, you are causing some serious damage to your earphones.when you pull the cord, it causes the internal wiring to break and separate from the plug. One way to avoid is to use the headphones that come with L-shaped jack. This way, it will be impossible to unplug them without pulling the plug not cord.


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How To Fix Wireless Earbuds

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If you use wireless earbuds and have been facing problems with it lately, here is how you can fix ‘em when one of them is not working.

  • First of all, try connecting your wireless earbuds to a different device to make sure whether the device is at fault or your earphones.
  • You could also try reconnecting your Bluetooth device.
  • Check if the track you are playing is mono. You could also play a different file or audio to be double sure.

If none of the above things works, then you need to replace your wireless earphones with a new set as they might be broken.


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