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The 5 Things To Consider When Buying Headphones

The next important thing that comes after buying a phone is to have the perfect headphones. Whether you are a music lover or spend most of your day talking on the phone, you would realize how important headphones in your life are. So much so that you have spent a fair amount of time picking the best earpiece for you. You have had such a great experience with headphones that you can now even recommend which ones to buy. On that note, here is the ultimate buyer’s guide to headphones the experts would agree too.

The Ultimate Headphone Buying Guide

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Wired or wireless

One of the first things that come in a headphone buying guide is to choose between wired and wireless earphones. What do you prefer; Bluetooth sets or tethered paraphernalia? While wireless earphones offer portability, not all devices support Bluetooth function. Though there is an advantage of having wireless earphones. You won’t have to dangle with the wires anymore. A disadvantage associated with them is they have to be charged in order to function. You don’t have to deal with all this in wired earphones.

If you are buying wireless headphones, another thing you should consider is battery life. Ideally, wireless headphones should work for five to seven hours straight before the battery runs out.

Wear style

Another thing that any headphone guide would suggest you is to consider the wearing style. A lot of options and styles in earphones have sprung up when it comes to how you wear them. It is almost like choosing an accessory. With wireless headphones, you have got traditional options of over-ear and on-ear headphone construction. Then, there are earbuds too. The latter option is more affordable one while over-ear models typically rank the most expensive.


Some people prefer cushion foam tips while some don’t. Those without cushion foam tips are not ideally a suitable choice for long hearing sessions. One thing you should keep in mind while following the headphones buying guide is the fit. You should try them if you want to buy best headphones for yourself. In case you are buying earbud phones, check how they fit in your earlobes. Some stores may not let you try earphones. You may just have to go along with what your gut says.

Audio quality

A best headphone buying guide will always suggest you check audio quality first. If you are ordering earphones online, you may not be able to check the audio quality. Read the reviews and see what other people have written about sound quality and experience. There are headphones experts who write a detailed experience about the sound quality and other features of headphones. You can count on their reviews too. Though this thing is purely subjective. If you a hardcore Rock listener and like music booming into your ears, you might want to go with over-the-top bass that Beats headphones offer.

Do you require a noise-canceling feature in your headphones? There are a few options that offer you noise-canceling feature but you might have to pay a bit extra to have this feature. So, only invest in such headphones if you really think you need it. These are perfect for those who travel often. You can block out snoring passengers and crying babies on the plane or train.


Gymming and music go hand in hand. Working out without music is boring. This is why some people buy headphones, especially for their gym activity. Having wired earphones will hamper in your movements during exercise. Plus you need headphones that don’t fall off your ears while running or working out. You can also choose noise-cancelling headphones to block out the terrible gym music. One thing most headphone guides don’t mention is to invest in waterproof headphones for gymming purpose. Since you sweat a lot during exercise, your headphones should be designed to hold up to moisture.

So, here was the expert headphone buying guide that will come in handy the next time you are looking to buy best headphones for yourself.

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