Viral Forearm Tattoos For Women That Are Breaking The Internet

A tattoo is a commitment for life! And, no matter how conflicted we are about them, tattoos have their own swag factor always. Some people, men and women alike, find pride in their tattoos, while some live for it. Well, whatever your reason, if you’ve made up your mind to get inked, then best do so with some ultra cool designs that won’t go out of trend for a long long time.

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For women especially, tattoos add a pinch of eccentricity and mystery. While going for masculine design may not be the best choice always, you ladies can opt for designs that truly suit your body type and size. Maybe soft colors, flowers or even neatly done skulls. Your pick!

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To make your decision easier, we’ve just curated a list of the best forearms tattoo ideas for women in 2019. Check them out below!

#1 Rose tattoos and other flower tattoos

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Women generally go for a feminine rose or other flower tattoos. Call it a reaffirmation of themselves, flowers stand for everything that is feminine right from beauty, grace, and growth.

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#2 Dreamcatcher tattoos

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Who is not spellbound with the idea of a dream catcher! These exotic and magical items are known to ward off malevolent beings and ensure your sleep well with sweet dreams. Dreamcatchers have an awe factor that is undying.

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#3 Sailor Jerry tattoos


Here’s a piece of historical information. These tattoos are deeply based on the history of American servicemen, hence they include seas, anchors and everything related to sailing. They’re usually colored yellow, red and green and were pulled off only by men earlier. Now, however, Sailor Jerry tattoos are a definite rave among both the sexes.


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#4 Bird tattoos

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#5 Butterflies, moths, and other insects

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These are beautiful totems for the life, death and rebirth cycle. They also stand for intuition and higher powers. Often tying into the supernatural, tattoos of butterflies and other insects have deep significance.

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#6 Arrows tattoos

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For a chic and elegant look, most women opt for an arrow tattoo. This is usually of medium to a small size and can be pulled off on any part of the body.

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#7 Heart tattoos

The classic heart tattoo is filled with emotion and stands for love and compassion. It can be designed to represent whichever emotion you want and is generally a kickass option as a forearm tattoo for women. Not only does it add grace and warmth but also makes you look tough.

#8 Faerie tattoos

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For a dash of magic and mysticism, faerie tattoos are a must!. Some cultures believe in the power of faeries and their ability to sway good luck your way. Irish folks especially.

Nevertheless, setting aside the luck aspect, getting a faerie tattoo truly adds dimension to a woman’s look. It can also be something you hold dear, it can be a tinker bell too!


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