Are Tattoos Painful? And How To Deal With Them

Let’s talk tattoos. We love them and hate them. Well, let’s say most of us are conflicted about them. We run away from them but appreciate them on other people. Or you could be one of those brave hearts who enjoy tattoos.


Whichever group you may be in, this will prove helpful to you. Here’s all you ever need to know, about coping with the process of getting tattooed.

To do or not to do

It’s a simple question really. Do you or do you not want to get tattooed. If you’re one of those people stuck on the edge because of the infamous tattoo pain you hear about, this is for you. You could also be an experienced tattoo lover looking for ways to cope with extreme pain too.

When deciding to get a tattoo, remember that you must stick to your decision. A tattoo is for life and regretting one is only going to be a heavy price. Let’s be honest. There are no such things as a painless tattoo unless it’s a temporary one.

The Pain

Every tattooing experience, be it first-time tattoo pain or not; borders on mild to sharp stinging. It depends on how big or small the artwork is. Depending on your pain tolerance this may be easily bearable or absolutely unbearable.

If you want to minimize tattoo pain, you can do so by choosing a part of your body that’s less sensitive. For example, The back of the arm hurts more when tattooed compared to the side that’s exposed to the sun.

Follow these simple steps to minimize tattoo pain

#1 Consult your tattoo artist for advice on dealing with the pain. They will be able to help you based on your body type.


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#2 Chewing something in the tattoo process, like gum or any other chewable item, helps greatly. It takes off your concentration from the pain. Well, that’s a blessing now, isn’t it?
#3 If the pain is unbearable, you can choose to take over the counter pain relievers. Consult your doctor before you do so and follow the dosage.
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#4 Don’t be ashamed to take a break mid tattooing. It’s only human. You can always ask for a time out and catch your breath. It’ll help make you feel relaxed.
#5 Being in a lot of stress or fear can make the pain seem way higher than it actually is. So make sure you grab your cup of coffee or comfort food before the session. A calm you leads o a relatively pain-free tattoo.
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#6 Avoid touching the freshly tattooed area. This only opens doors for infections and other ailments. Keep it untouched and rinse gently with mild soap and warm water once a day. Do so till the wound heals.

Following these steps will help you greatly when it comes to tattooing. Remember, tattoos are for life and when you get one, it will be a personal accomplishment. A milestone of you being strong enough to make a life decision and having the guts to stick with it despite the pain. Take care!



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