3 Badass Outfit Ideas For Those Who Don’t Give A Damn About Vogue

There are people to whom vogue is religion. Keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends is their kind of worship. Then, there are people who just don’t give a damn about the trends and choose to follow whatever they wish. These people basically invent their own cool quotient instead of being dictated by some fashion magazine. The funny thing is soon other people begin to emulate their fashion sense. I’m guessing these include the former group too. Lol! 

These people dress like their attitude – NFG (No f**ks given). And, it totally shows. When these people walk down the street, the air of aplomb follows behind. Total badasses! That is the thing about fashion. It favors those who are confident and have the courage to be themselves.

Personally, I believe there is no right kind of fashion. It is the confidence you exude that makes whatever you’re wearing into fashion. It is the same with these people. They wear confidence like cologne. You know what they say about confidence. It comes with faking it. In this case, it might come to you by following the cool street fashion statement and add these clothing items to your wardrobe pronto.

Coolest Clothing Items To Dress Like A Badass

1. Aesthetic Jacket

aesthetic jacket 1
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aesthetic jacket 2
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aesthetic jacket colorful
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It is not only unique but also quirky. Aesthetic jackets instantly make you stand out of the lot. They are unique and charming. It is a guarantee that you will not find a second piece of it anywhere else because these are hand made, and sometimes, custom made too. You can grab one at Etsy or ask your designer friend to do you a favor. Ask them to give your aesthetic jacket a boho appeal or make it look quirky with cool stickers and stuff. Personalize it with your own style.

2. Denim Biker Vest

Some people may think that denim biker vests are so in history, but the real denim lovers would diss at such a statement. You can never go wrong with a denim biker vest worn over a plain white T-shirt. It is a signature style of bikers that explains why the word biker has been squeezed between denim and vest in the name. Couple it with a Fedora hat and you will definitely be the talk of the town. Who says it has to restrict to bad biker vibes? Add your charm and personality to it. Check out these designs and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

denim biker vest boho
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denim biker vest men
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denim biker vest
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3. Rockstar Tracksuit

rockstar tracksuit yellow
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rockstar tracksuit
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You have got to have this one in your wardrobe if you dig the look from the streets. Rockstar tracksuits make you look one of a kind and comfortable at the same time. For those who love low maintenance fashion will love to have one. The best way to rock the rockstar tracksuit look is to pair it with those bigass sneakers. Boy! Is it going to send out an awesome fashion statement? 




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