Does Your Travel Insurance Cover These 4 Essential Things?

Everybody likes to travel but not everyone is on board when it comes to buying a travel insurance cover. After paying thousands and hundreds for your flight and accommodation, a few more dollars to buy insurance does not seem like a money-wise idea. That’s where you are mistaken. The thing about mishaps and accidents is that they can happen anywhere, even on your holiday in Aruba. If you have travel insurance to cover you at misfortunate times, your holiday will suck less and the whole process will become less unsettling. When there is no one for you in a foreign land, you will always have your travel insurance cover. So, if you are looking for one, here are four essentials your travel insurance should cover.

Things Travel Insurance Should Cover

1. Medical Coverage

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What if you get terribly sick from the Mexican food you had at that deli that seemed unhygienic but you went along with your guts anyway? What would you do? on the other hand if you already have a travel insurance cover, all you have to worry about is healing quickly. The bills will be taken care of by your travel insurance company. It is in your best interest that you have medical coverage when you are traveling solo. Your health insurance plan that you have taken back at your home is pretty much useless at times like these. 

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2. Trip Cancellation Coverage

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There can be ‘n’ number of reasons why you may have to cancel your much-awaited vacation. It could be a sudden illness, injury, or an inevitable instance in your life. If that happens, it will be a waste of all the money that you already paid for flights and hotels. Thank god, there are insurance companies that offer you travel insurance cover so that all your money does not go down the drain. There are different travel insurance covers available online. You can compare them according to your requirement and choose the best one for yourself.

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3. Adventure Sports Coverage

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What if you met with an accident during bungee jumping or ATV rides through the desert? What if your pursuit for adventure and thrill goes too far that you end up hurting yourself? We really hope it does not happen to anyone of us but that does not mean you don’t partake in adventure activities. You are on a holiday to get out of your comfort zone but it is wiser if you jump along with a travel insurance cover that provides cover on hazardous activities.

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4. Luggage Theft or Loss

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This has certainly happen to a lot of us when we get to the baggage claim but our luggage was delayed for more than 24 hours or our suitcase was sent to a different aircraft “by mistake”. All your clothes, stuff, and even cash were in there. What do you do? If you have a travel insurance cover, then you are sorted because you can claim the insurance to get money to buy necessary stuff. It may not seem like a big deal now but baggage claim can cost you hundreds of dollars which can be painful and taxing.

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The fear of mishaps should not discourage you from taking trips and holidays. In fact, it is the option of getting travel insurance that should encourage you to take more trips because you will always have a safety net.




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