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The Best Travel Apps Of 2019

Planning a business trip to the other side of the world? what you need is a good travel planner. There’s nothing better than a well planned and scheduled trip. Of course, unplanned trips often bring in the best surprises However, when on a business or work-related trip, it’s almost always best if you stay planned and updated. Here are some of the world’s best travel intinerary applications that you probably didn’t know of. What’s best about this is that these apps are all free!

#1 Tripit

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If you’re someone with multiple flights and hotels to catch, this is the app for you. All you need to do is bookf your flights and hotels and submit the information to them, they’ll come up with the best intinerary plan for you!.

#2 Tripomatic

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What’s cool about this travel itinerary app is the detailed information it displays regarding the attractions in yoru destination. You just need to put in the place you’d like to visit and a list of famous attractions pop up on a map. Whart’s best is the short description the app provides for each attraction, with the contact number and facebook page too!

#3 Planapple

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This is a one stop shop for getting ideas for your trip.You can check out places to visit, best hotels and so much more.

#4 Roadtrippers

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Planning a roadtrip? this might be the best app for you. This itinerary app lets you choose your starting point, destination and add the hotels and atrractions along the way to it.The app will chalk out a clean route map for your trip post this.

#5 WorldMate

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This is very much an all in one application for travel. Meant mainly for travel professionals, this is a trip planner, trip manager, and trip organizer.

#6 Airfare Watchdog

Courtesy : TripSavvy

This is a great app for you if you want to stay abreast of any discounts in flight tickets. Price drops in flight tickets are rarely advertised and this is a great way to grab that lightning deal on your flight journey.

#7 Trip Advisor

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The world’s largest travel website driven solely by positive user reviews. Enough said. This is a must see while booking hotels to anywhere.

#8 Priceline


To name your own price for airline tickets, just tell us the dates you want to travel and the price you want to pay for each ticket. Priceline chooses regularly scheduled flights on major airlines where the airlines have unsold seats. For domestic travel, all flights depart between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. and arrive the same day on the days you want to travel. International flights may depart any time of day. All flights may include up to one stop or connection, though we may ask if you are willing to make two stops on certain international routes.

#9 Momondo

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If you’re looking for an easy way to check flight ticket prices along with detailed information on the number of stops in your journey, this is the app for you.Another great feature is the dirt cheap prices you can get for flight tickets here.

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#10 TripHobo

Courtesy: TripHobo

Travelling will never be the same after TripHobo. This app makes planning so simple that all you gotta do is select your destination and the attractions you want to visit. Trip Hobo will customize your travel itinerary. In fact, you can even choose from previous itineraries made by another user on TripHobo. This feature is awesome when you really don’t know where to start within a new location.

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