How To Break Up With Someone You Love

Breaking up with people is tough. It’s nasty, bittersweet and teary. In a very few cases it’s numb or indifferent. However, breaking up is easy said no one ever. (Unless they never loved the person from the start).


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Speaking of breaking up, the deed gets much harder and stings deeper when it’s with someone you still love. But why would anyone break up with someone they love? Well, in reality, life kicks in and at some point, the love is just not enough to bridge rough waters and differing feelings. When daily life gets too tough to bear, even if it’s someone you love, you must put your happiness first and make the decision to move on.


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It’s only when you take care of yourself and treat yourself right that you will attract the best of life to you. So how to go about breaking up with someone you love? What to expect and what to do? Here’s all you need to know in a nutshell.

While breaking your loved ones heart may hurt you the same or even worse, always remember to examine it in the long term view of things. Really just sit back, calm down and think about this with your logical mind: If you find that the pain of breaking up with them will be worth the positive changes that will happen post it, then do it.

If not, then reconsider it.

#1 Weigh your options


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When deciding over breaking up with a loved one, it can be difficult to take the step. To truly aid yourself in this process, write down the list of pros and cons in your relationship. When the cons (like loss of personal happiness) greatly outweigh the pros, it’s time to move on.

#2 Be patient and take time to ponder on your decision


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Once you’ve made your decision, sit on it for a week and see what feelings and thoughts crop up. This will make you feel fully convinced and less guilty.

#3 You’re not guilty of hurting them, you’re doing this for the greater good of you


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When you love someone, it’s difficult to see them in pain. But remember, your decision is better than living a lie.

#4 Gently ask them to meet you or sit down with you for “the talk”


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Meet your loved one for a cup of coffee or a snack and slowly have the talk with them. Be calm and make them feel comfortable.


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#5 Lay down your reasons and make sure not to play the blame game


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When having “the talk”, make sure you don’t start the blame game or engage in blame games of any sorts. State your reasons gently and let them know, that you still love them, but need to do this to save your personal happiness.

#6 Chart out a game plan to recovery


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Surround yourself with people you love, friends and things to do.

#9 Keep in touch with them as a good friend. Don’t burn
bridges you’ll regret burning


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Your ex-lover can be a great friend. Just because situations didn’t let the love blossom, don’t kill the friendship unless very necessary.



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