5 Inevitable Things That Change After Marriage

Marriage is a new chapter in your life. So, things are bound to change in your life. After all, you are going to share the rest of your life with another person. You cannot expect your life to remain the same. It can be overwhelming for some but you should not be afraid of changes ahead. Instead, embrace them with love and patience and you will have a wonderful life. Here are a few changes to expect in your life after you get married.

1. The Butterflies

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Once you get married and are back from your romantic escapade, the ‘honeymoon phase’ begins to fade slowly. This means fewer date nights or outing with your spouse and more time inside the house with each other. Don’t expect surprise gifts or flowers from your spouse all the time after you get married. It is bound to happen. So, you should not really be scared or sad about it. It only means that you have become way more comfortable in each other’s company. That’s all that matters. Don’t stop making efforts to spice up your marital life now and then. It will keep things interesting and romantic.

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2. Routine

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Obviously! Once you get married, you will share the rest of your life with your other half. It is like having a roommate for life. Remember when you moved to college and shared your dorm with a roommate? That was a big change for you, right. This one is going to be huge. You will have to make a lot of adjustments like who takes what responsibility. It is advised you communicate about these things with your partner if you want to avoid unnecessary fight and distress in your life. It all seems exciting from far, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Be prepared.

3. Holidays and Events

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Your parents or mine? You will deal with this dilemma every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Now that you are married to your partner, his or her family is part of your family. It is important for both of you to give time to your extended families. Hence, it is important to come up with a compromise. So, what if you don’t like your mother in law’s turkey? Being there will make your spouse and her happy. That’s all that matters. It is the key to a happy relationship.

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4. Money Management

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Now that you are living for two, you are also saving and spending for two. Marriage makes you more responsible about money matters. You start thinking about the future. You and your spouse will have shared financial goals like buying a house, saving for kids, or travel around the world, etc. So, you become more discerning about such matters. It is a great thing if you guys are on the same page about such matters and share equal responsibility.

5. You

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Yes, you will not be the same person anymore after you get married. Whether it is for good or bad, the fate of this will only be decided by the dynamics of your relationship. If your partner is really supportive of you and understanding, you will see positive changes and growth in you. Hope you reciprocate the same experience for your partner.

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These changes listed above are not meant to scare you of marriage. Take it as a heads-up as you enter into a new phase of life. A lifelong companionship with the person of your liking is a blessing. Don’t be intimidated by the changes and challenges that come your way.



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