Keeping Your Marriage Strong Just Got Easy

Keeping a strong marriage is probably tougher than getting married. Yes, your relationship took a lot of work to sustain. Marriage on the other hand just escalates things to the next level. Marriage is a commitment of a lifetime and it requires quite a bit of sincere work.

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While the usual way to go around seems more complicated than a maze, these easy six tips will make you feel otherwise. Based on information from top NYC relationship expert Susan Winter to INSIDER, here are six of the most simple and easy ways to make your marriage stronger.

#1 Keep the dates on

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Marriage is a huge milestone in a relationship. However, that does not meant you must stop pursuing your partner. You can have a strong marriage when you and your partner try to pursue try to woo each other every day. Doing small things to make each other happy and keep your marriage strong.

# 2 Take up a project or hobby together

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Be it even cooking new dishes every Sunday or a planting project. Make sure you have something fun to share and practice together. Doing so reinforces friendship and mutual respect in your relationship. In fact, a partnership in a hobby or game of any kind helps you have a strong marriage for life.

# 3 Hear to listen and understand

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To keep a strong marriage, couples must first learn to listen to each other. Hear each other out without judgement. It’s only when each of you feels heard that you’ll stay together.

#4 Appreciate and thank each other

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A small note of thank you makes a strong and unbreakable marriage. The feeling of being appreciated and seen is more than enough to keep a strong marriage. Next time your wife/husband cooks you a wonderful dinner, leave a thank you note on their pillow when they least expect it. Kind words are all it takes to make a marriage strong.

# 5 Agree to disagree

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Often times we find ourselves in the goriest fights with people we love. This often happens when one or both of you refuse to accept the perspective of the other. When you learn to agree to disagree, you give importance to the relationship over anger and ego. Agreeing to disagree is a mark of mutual respect. A mark of understanding that you both are two very different individuals who stay together out of love.

# 6 Undertake adventures and travel together

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Travelling is the one shot antidote to anything in this world. When you travel, your mind expands and perspective broadens. Travelling infuses a sense of oneness with the world in you.By doing so, it only improves harmony in your life. There’s nothing better than travelling with your spouse as both of you will only become deeper friends and lovers this way. If you want to know and love the truest nature of your partner, take them with you, the next time you travel. Travelling and experiencing things together makes a strong marriage.



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