The Truth About Supplements And Their Effect On Men’s Health

You may have heard of how today’s food is not wholesome anymore. Eventually, thousands of advertisements for supplementary pills and powders follow. Well, as rosy as their promise can be, you must exercise caution when taking these kind of supplements.

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Yes, it’s understandable, daily diet may not be enough for a man who hits the gym regularly.It’s only common sense to take supplements in this situation. A deficiency of any kind can cause quite the mayhem.It’s not just deficiency, but the very pace of life now, that demands the use of such additives.

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Example: Supplements men should take every day, to stay healthy include the likes of Vitamin-B12, and Vitamin-C.
Given the obvious need for supplements it’s only best to know; what they truly are and how they effect the male body.

Need for supplements


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A poor diet with unbalanced proportion of nutrients can cause you to be lethargic .Lack of vital energy and strength come from an unbalanced diet. In times like this, supplements are a great way to cope up. However, be cautious when consuming supplemented products or pills.

Why? Well it’s because most products that claim to be supplemented, don’t need to be proven effective or safe, prior release. They are checked for efficiency only post circulation in the market. By then it can be too late for some.

Best alternative


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Some of the best supplements for men are available naturally. Protein powders may give you quick results, but when compared to natural sources of protein, they’re harmful. If you’re an avid gym goer, the best alternative for you is; including natural protein like meat, eggs, and milk in your diet regularly.

There is danger in swallowing over the counter supplements. Because, some vitamins and minerals eaten in excess prove very harmful to the body. They can create myriad number of ailments. For example, an excess of iron supplements can cause anal bleeding through severe constipation and too much of Soy in your diet can wreck the male sex hormones.

Consult a nutritionist

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Supplements men should take everyday, can be obtained from organic vegetables and poultry. Trying to balance your diet naturally is better than consuming artificial ans isolated supplements. However, if you do need to take supplements artificially, then, by all means, consult a nutritionist before doing so.

Supplements men can take every day include:

Vitamin-C supplements:

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These keep your immunity high and also are key to a happy state of mind. Running low on vitamin –c has detrimental effects on skin, immunity, and happiness.

Vitamin-B12 or B-complex supplements:

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These are pivotal in maintaining your body. Regular intake of these vitamins helps slow down aging and keep you energetic for long.

Supplements for eyes:

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Carotenoids like Zeaxanthin and Lutein are good examples for this. Natural alternatives include green leafy vegetables, carrots, and fish.

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Important fact: Supplements are availabe in both pill and everyday foods.There is truly no way to know for sure if a product is good when it claims to have supplements. Rather, its safe and best, to have a specialist formulate your diet.

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