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Looking For Fun Date Ideas? Here’s What You Two Can Do Besides ‘Netflix & Chill’

So, you have exchanged numbers and finally gathered the courage to ask him or her out on a date. But you have no clue where you should take your love interest out on a date. What a pickle!

Dating is the foundation of any romantic relationship. Not only it helps you build a connection with someone but it also keeps the spark alive in a couple. But planning a date can be such a daunting task sometimes, especially when you two have varied interests. If you too are having a tough time coming up with fun date ideas, here is some fun date ideas to keep things exciting and healthy in your relationship.

Watch a stand-up comedy

Sense of humor is the best way to have an opinion about someone’s character. What better way there is to test it than to go for a stand-up comedy show together? One of the fun date ideas, laughing together will help you break the ice on your first date. Everyone likes to have a good laugh now and then.

Take them to an art gallery or a museum

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If you are one of those intellectual ones, then taking your date to an art gallery or a museum is the best date idea ever! You won’t realize how much fun you could have on such dates unless you go on one. You could talk about your favorite artists or have fun contemplating art. This will also give you a fair idea about their perception about things in life. If everything goes well, you two could kiss between the paintings. Romantic, isn’t it?

Go bowling or ice skating

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Basically, the idea is to do some sport together, any kind. If you are a ro, you will get a chance to impress your date with your skills. Even if not and you both suck at it, you would still have a lot of fun. Don’t be too competitive which might turn off your date. Count it as one of the best first date ideas as your are going to look back and cherish the moment.

Take them out on a picnic

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Ditch those pricey fine-dining restaurants and rather go on a picnic date together. It is any day better than those cliched coffee dates. If you are looking for some good cheap date ideas, this will save you money. Plus it is a better way to know each other. Fix yourself some sandwiches or pasta, spread your picnic by the lake or under a tree, and talk about your favorite things.

Be adventurous

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If adventure is your common denominator, then take your date out on an adventurous experience. You could either go camping into the wild and watch the stars together (a good place for your first kiss too, wink) or explore biking trails together into the woods where it is just the two of you.

Take a dance class together

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How about signing up you and your date for a salsa class together? Undoubtedly, one of the fun date ideas! Dancing is the fibre of intimacy as it brings people closer. If male spiders can dance to attract female spiders, then why can’t you bust a few moves for your date? Though ask your date first if they would be willing to go dancing together because some people might feel shy about dancing.

Whatever you plan, keep in consideration the liking of your love interest too. Forcing your ideas on them can be such a buzzkill! After all, dating is all about having some fun together. So, stop stressing and start planning your next romantic adventure.



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