The Right Way To Introduce Yourself At An Interview & Nail It

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Are you appearing for an interview soon and wondering how to introduce yourself in an interview?  No matter what your qualifications are, but if you have failed to impress them in one on one interview, you have failed to secure the job. You may clear technical rounds of the interview but it all comes down to your interpersonal skills which show well in a personal interview.

If even the thought of interviews gives you jitters and butterflies in the stomach, then here is something that will help you prepare for your interview, most importantly, how to introduce yourself in the interviews the right way. 

Before The Interview

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Do your research

Before you introduce yourself in an interview, the first thing you should do in research about the organization. Know about their vision and mission statement and get to know the corporate climate. This is one of the things you will be asked at the interview whether you researched the company or not.

Prepare What To Say

It’s better if you practice what you are going to say at the interview rather than mumbling words. Grab one of your friends and ask them to have a mock interview with you. Believe it, it is going to help you tremendously. Not only will it boost your confidence but also prepare you what to say.  Here is how to respond to interview questions with wit and sharpness.

Dress To Impress

You know what makes your first impression? It is your dressing style. When appearing for an interview, make sure you are sharply dressed. There’s a saying ‘You don’t dress for the job you have but the job you want’. Even interviews have dress codes. Make sure you follow that. Your clothes should be ironed and appropriate for a formal meeting. Here are the basic wardrobe essentials for a working woman

At The Interview

Arrive On Time

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If you show up late at your interview, you will be labeled as sloppy with lack of consideration for their time. Someone is taking out time to meet you with the prospect of a job. The simplest thing you can do is be on time. You should always arrive 15-20 minutes early at the venue. Take into account the factors like distance from your home, traffic, and other inevitable delays that can make you late. Arriving late can put you in frantic and rush-mode killing your confident vibe and even your focus.

Shake Hands

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When you meet your recruiter, greet them with a smile and even shake hands with them. Your handshake should be firm and your smile confident. Both these things show a lot about the character of a person. A smile is the most influential thing about a person. If you have sweaty palms, you can use a hand sanitizer.

Make Eye Contact

Another thing that reflects confidence is eye contact. Look them in the eye when you are talking to them but also don’t stare at them or you will make them uncomfortable. Don’t directly look them into the eyes, focus on the spot on the forehead between the two eyebrows.

Keep Your Introduction Concise & Short

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All your interviews begin with ‘Tell me about yourself’. When you are hit with the same question, you should be prepared with your answer. Don’t bore them with impertinent details. Make your intro short and concise. Tell them about your professional background. You should have your elevator pitch ready before you are appearing for an interview. The best way to describe yourself in an interview is by pointing out your interests and skills also focus on your personal skills. This way, you will be able to prove to them that you are the right person for the job.

Be Aware Of Your Body Language

Chin up, chest raised and sit straight. This is the posture of a confident person. Even before you open your mouth, you begin communication with your body language. Don’t be so slouchy. Be engaged in the conversation or at least act so.

Say ‘Thank You’

To introduce yourself in the interview is not the only thing to do. When your interview is over, always say ‘thank you’ in the end. This shows your strong interpersonal skills which will help them make a decision.


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