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How To Respond To Interview Questions Sharply & Get Your Dream Job

Whether you are preparing for your first interview or have had a decent experience, some things don’t change; having butterflies in your stomach and being asked the same typical question every time. No matter how excellent your resume is, it is the way and the demeanor with which you respond to interview questions that will set you apart from other candidates who have also applied for the same job.

Want to nail your next job interview? Here is your cheat sheet to answer most common interview questions:

#1 “Tell me about yourself”

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The mistake most people commit when they answer most common interview questions like this one is that they talk about personal stuff. When the interviewer asks this question, they want you to talk about your professional background and achievements. Consider this as an opportunity to highlight on your work experience pertaining to the role you have applied for. Give it a good thought to the question. Make it as interesting as possible instead of going for a bland pitch while you respond to interview questions. However, do not be too boastful about it as this may come off.

#2 “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

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A lot of candidates struggle while they answer typical interview questions like such. The reason why interviewers ask this question is because they gauge if you can add value to their organization or have a desire for personal growth. The best way to respond to this question is by mentioning your interests that made you apply for this job and how well your professional goals align with the goals of the company.

#3 “What’s your dream job?”

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Yes, it is a trick question. The recruiter wants to know whether you are the best fit for this job. Some people have a precise answer to this question, while many struggle since they do not know what their dream job is like. Whatever maybe the case, do not describe your dream job that does not bear any resemblance with the one you have applied for. To answer tough interviews questions like this, focus on the opportunities and skills being offered. Talk about the kind of environment you would like work in making it resonate with the company’s culture.

#4 “What makes you the best person for the job?”

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This is the ultimate moment when you have to prove why they should choose you over other candidates. The spotlight is on you, so, make the best of it. This is the opportunity when you can be a braggart and list all your previous accomplishments at previous organizations and your unique combination of skills. Respond to interview questions with panache yet humility.

#5 “Tell me about a time you made a mistake”

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When the recruiter ask you to respond to interviews questions like these, they are trying to make you squirm. They want to break you and test you. The mistake you made is not the focus of their question rather they want to know what your key learning from the mistake were. Your answer reflects two things; your attitude and how fast learner you are. To answer this question well, you can explain what you would have done differently now. This will make you come across as learned and wiser.

Do you think you have better answers to these interviews questions? Or have a funny interviews story? Share them with us in the comments section below.


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