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At-Home Gel Manicures Are Possible And Easy. Here’s How To Do It

Nail art is one of the most satisfying things for a woman. The love for flawlessly colored nails is undying and is here to stay. Speaking of nail art, the only problem with it is the fact that it wears off pretty quickly. However, gel nails are here to save the day. They combat wear and tear and stick on those pretty nails for a good amount of time. That’s practically why they’re the rave these days.

What are gel nails?


Hard Gel nails, Courtesy: Cafe Mom


Gel nails are a product of gel polish manicures. These gel polishes are in demand right now for their long lasting cover and natural feel. Gel nails come in two types – hard gel and soft gel.

Hard gel polish can be made into a nail extension post drying. While soft gel polish is too soft to be fashioned into a nail extension. Soft gel polish leaves a light and long-lasting actual coat on your nails. The whole point of having gel manicures is because Gel Nails last for quite a bit of time. A couple of weeks to say the least with no chipping or loss of paint.


What do you need for gel nails?

Given the obvious benefits of gel manicures and gel nail polish, here’s all you need to give yourself gel nails at home.

1. Nail lamp (for drying)
2. Nail polish remover or acetone
3. Cotton Pads
4. Cuticle remover liquid
5. Nail polish soak-off clips
6. Nail file (go for a glass one, it’s much more effective)
7. Cuticle remover and cutter (stainless steel)
8. Nail clippers
9. Cuticle clippers
10. Nail buffer block (to make an adhesive surface on the nail for the gel polish to bond well)
11. Rubbing alcohol
12. PH bond (for the base and top coat of your gel polish)
13. A gel nail polish of your liking


To be honest, while getting gel manicures done at the salon is great, it comes at a heavy price of time and money. These can be combatted by the ease of doing your own gel manicures at home. While it may seem complicated at the first try, it always gets better the next time. This is a simple and easy self-care nail beauty regime that you’ll need to do maybe once in three weeks.


Guide to flawless DIY gel nails

  1. Remove any previous coats of nail paint using a buffer block and Acetone soaked cotton pads in your nail polish soak off clips for 15 minutes.
  2.  Scrape off the unwanted nail polish with steel cuticle remover.
  3. Use the cuticle remover liquid on the nails and pat down your cuticles. You can clip your cuticles using the cuticle cutter.
  4. The clip, file and Buff your nails top layer.
  5. Rinse your hands in plain water and apply the PH bond on your nails as a basecoat. Take care to apply a very thin layer.
  6. Cure it under the nail lamp for 120 seconds. After which you can apply your Gel polish layer. Apply one layer at a time and cure each layer under the light for 120 seconds.
  7. Apply the PH bod again as a top coat and cure it for 120 seconds. Following which, take a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol and rub each nail gently. This gives you an instant drying effect and that about it. Flawless Gel nails, right at home.

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