7 Basic Wardrobe Essentials Every Working Woman Must Have


What is the first thing about you that people notice at your workplace? It is your styling sense.

Any image counselor would suggest you dress well if you want to leave an impressionable mark. Whether you are fresh out of college or in dire need of a professional makeover, having a great power wardrobe is essential to enhance in your career. Dressing well in workplace gives out a message that you are accomplished, smart, and capable.

If you often find yourself wondering what to wear to work today, then this ultimate styling guide will help you get out of the pickle and get ready for office.

Essential Items Every Working Woman Should Have

Dressing up for work does not have to be expensive if you do it smartly. All you need are these basic wardrobe essentials to mix and match and pull off an amazing workspace look.

#1 Blazer

blazer for women
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What is more formal to wear to a workplace than a sharp, brazen blazer? Having a nice blazer for work is an investment. It gives you a sharp, she-means-business look if it is fitted right. It should be slimming at the right places without restricting the movement of your arms. Black, tan, and nay are some of the great colors for a blazer. The best part of having a blazer is that it is versatile. You can either pair it up trousers, skirts, and even jeans to give a formal appearance.

#2 Sheath Dress

sheath dress
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Sheath dresses are professional, chic, and influential. If you have a collection of a classic sheath dress, you will never have a moment wondering what to wear to work today. In fact, sheath dresses are great for the days when you are getting late for work. Just throw yourself in a flattering sheath dress, zip it up, pair it with those edgy heels and you are good to go. When choosing a sheath dress, opt for solid colors as you can experiment with accessories and other things.

#3 Perfect Shoes

shoes for work
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What makes you look confident and badass at the workplace? It’s your footwear. High heels can make you uncomfortable and exhausted early in the day. You can choose a pair of low rise heels with neutral colors to go along with all kinds of workwear. If you are not a heel person at all, you can choose to wear flats, loafers and even oxford shoes that are formal enough for your work. There is no denying how comfortable they are; you can hustle in them all day long. Again, go for solid, neutral colors.

#4 Watch

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Keep it classy with a nice, expensive watch when it comes to accessories. Watch is not only a great addition to your wardrobe but it does give a style statement. It makes a woman look polished. A watch on the wrist means how much you value your time.

#5 Bag

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A bag is the most basic way to look organized and have it all under control. Clutches have got no use in the professional environment. A working woman needs enough room in her bag to keep her laptop, notepad, business cards, her makeup, and other essential items. Get one of those she means business bag that is not only big enough to keep all your stuff but also smart enough to look professional and sophisticated. You can even choose to have those sleek backpacks depending upon the nature of your work.

#6 Skirt

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There is nothing more sophisticated and bold at the same time, than wearing a pencil skirt. On the days when you want to leave an impression, wear a nice pencil skirt. Pair it up with a blouse. The best thing about a pencil skirt is it looks good on everyone. Whether you have an interview coming or an important board meeting scheduled, own the place and people with a well-made pencil skirt.

#7 Trousers

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Pants are something you are going to spend most of your working days in. You cannot always be in a mood to wear a skirt or a dress, so you need nicely tailored pants or trouser to get by those days when you are in a dilemma what to wear to work today. If you are wondering where to buy women’s work clothes, check out your nearest malls for stores like Marks & Spencer, H&M, or Allen Solly, which deal in sophisticated women workwear.

What are some fashion tips for working women?

  • Always go for solid, neutral colors when picking up blazers or dresses unless you are totally confident about pulling up patterns or even neon colors.
  • The fitting of your clothes should always be flattering to your figure; neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Invest in good quality fabric for your blazers and dresses even if it is a tad bit expensive. Not only it is going to last long but will also leave a nice impression at your workplace.
  • Don’t overdo yourself with accessories. Keep it as minimal as possible.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to wear your confidence and bedazzling smile to look great always.

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