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How To Flush Toilet Without Running Water During A Crisis

With big cities like Chennai and Cape Town running out of water, there is no doubt that we are nearing a huge water crisis. People do not have enough or any water to drink in some parts of the world, let alone for sanitary purposes.

Water conservation has become a dire need of the hour. Imagine living in a world where even water for flushing toilet is rationed. Believe it or not, this is going to take a toll on your bowel movements (;P)

If your life is all rosy right now, don’t get too comfortable. The day is near when you won’t have enough water supply to run your daily tasks, pooping for example. What would you do in that case if there is no water in the flush? How will you flush your toilet without running water?

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How To Flush Toilet Without Running Water

The water in the toilet tank will last one flush. So, you are good until your first use. But what after that.

1. Keep a backup

If you don’t have a bucket, it is advised to have one so that you can store water in it for flushing purposes when the water in the tank runs out. You can keep a bucket full of water saved for such times.

2. Buy Water

If you know in advance that the water supply in your home is cut off and you have no running water, you could buy 2-3 gallons of water for your use.

3. Use Judiciously

When you there is a scarcity of water, use that water in the bucket judiciously. Make it last as long as possible. Do not go throwing the water into the flush recklessly. Pour in batches to see if lesser water does the trick.

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Here are a few other things you should practice for water conservation because water crisis is no joke. 

  • Don’t flush when you urinate.
  • Don’t flush the entire water from the tank. Pull the flush handle back as soon as you see that all the contents in the commode have been flushed out. It does not normally require all the water in the tank unless you poop like an elephant.
  • Discard the flush system entirely. Use bucket water to flush the contents in the toilet manually. This will give you control over the amount of water being used for flushing. You could even reuse dirty, discarded water from kitchen or washing since it does not necessarily have to be pristine clean.
  • Have the rain harvesting tank connected to bathroom water supply so that you never ever have to suffer in case of emergency.

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The water has gone over the bridge (pun intended). It is high time since we applied these modern survival methods to our lives because the doomsday is near. With climate change and global cities running out of water, our negligence towards the environment is starting to show already and we may not have enough time to save the world. Remember #12YearToSaveTheWorld

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