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One Minute Life Hacks That’ll change Your Life!

Looking for a fun ways to better your life? You’ve landed at the right place. These simple one-minute hacks will change your life forever. From beating laziness to unlocking creativity, all you need is a minute to spare.

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1. Tap your forehead to banish addiction

It’s as simple as it sounds. Tapping your forehead for 30 seconds diverts your mind in the face of temptation. Be it anything, craving for junk food, addictions or cyclic thoughts, tapping your forehead is almost like a reset button. Your brain just stops for a second giving you peace of mind and clarity.

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I have tried it on myself, my brother and my friends. This just works every time.

Vivek Mittal

2. Rubber bands beat negative thoughts


Did you know, that dealing with negative thoughts is as easy as slipping a rubber band on your wrist. Well, yes it is. Slipping on a rubber band takes less than a minute to be honest. How it works is that you pull the band and release it on your wrist whenever you have a negative thought. This reaffirms to your mind that negative thoughts result in physical pain. Thanks to this small discomfort your mind will now find ways to avoid thinking negatively.

3. Chew slowly to discover hidden tastes


When you count the times you chew, you tend to chew slowly. And doing so, may bring out hidden flavors in the food you’re munching. Also, science says that a healthy digestive system is the result of chewing anything you eat at least 30 times.

4. Outsmart spammers with a plus sign

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Tired of being spammed? Try this cool trick the next time you subscribe to anything. Let’s say your email id is and you’re signing on Just change your email id with a + sign like this: You see, the plus sign is usually ignored by google and hence spam mails won’t reach your inbox.

5. Use cologne to enhance your memory

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I realized the true power of this hack when I came back from my two-month excursion through Europe. I used a single scent the entire trip, and it was different from any other scent I had used before. When I got back to the States, I left the cologne in my travel bag and forgot about it for weeks.When I finally came upon it, I decided to put it on. I immediately had flashbacks to memories that I had all but forgotten. It was amazing and bizarre how powerfully those memories flooded my mind

Juvian Julian Hernandez

What’s more, is the fact that these cool tricks are scientifically proven! Whoever thought that bettering your life can come in just a minute. Well, someone did think of this. It’s called ‘Kaizen’.

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Originating in Japan, this principle asks you to spend just a minute every day doing something you find difficult. Set a time in the day for the task and practice it for just a minute. Be it washing dishes, exercising or mathematics, within a few days time, you’ll notice yourself progressing. You’ll feel inspired to work more and do more. This is perhaps the best one-minute life hack you can get. A life hack to beating prejudice, laziness, and fear of anything.


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