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Easy LifeHacks To Successfully Staying Organized

Adulting is hard. There are no qualms about that. Being an adult comes with a heck load of responsibilities that you probably were never prepared for. If only school and college could teach a thing or two about successful adulting. Alas, that’s not the case. However, on the bright side, here are five simple tips to beating adulting at its game from real-life high functional folk. Here’s how to live organized seamlessly.

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Before we jump in, I’d like to clarify that everything in life builds up over time. Be it fitness, discipline or even dirty vessels. Life has a sort of compounding effect on your daily actions. So the best way to start being organized is not by tackling years worth of clutter in one go. Rather by assuming a more ‘one day at a time’ approach. Each day you practice these habits makes it easier for your mind to incorporate them into your subconscious.


Why subconscious at all? Well, that’s because all your default decisions are made by it. The habits you have currently are probably actions you repeated on a daily basis once. To be honest, I can’t say that this is easy or hard. Rather, it’s something that requires you to put continual effort to do small things every day. Like the Japanese ideology, ‘Kaizen’. Just a minute a day will save you months and probably years of mess later on. So without wasting another second, here are five simple things you can do to get your life on track.

Get your daily routine on track



You may be an early bird or a night owl, whatever group you fall into, getting your morning (the start of your day, be it in the morning or afternoon) right is very important. An easy way to stay ahead of the mess is by multitasking. You can have a handy wall scrubber in your bathroom that you use to scrub the walls every morning while bathing. Another example: Toast your bread and scramble the eggs while your coffee brews.



This is the time when you begin feeling tired and exhausted. Your day is almost done and you just can’t wait to get back home. A word of advice: try making to-do lists for your office work and getting the days work done by end of said day. Organizing your office desk around afternoon will help keep you alert and awake.



The day is finally done and you’re about to head home. Look at the route you take to get home and plan yoru groceries. This way you can save multiple trips and time for yourself. Post reaching home, try keeping things in their respective places. This way you can bid farewell to clutter.



Ah! The sweet end to a tiring workday. What helps you stay on top of your clutter-free game is making a list of things to do before bed. Also, try rinsing the dishes and sticking them in the dishwasher immediately after you eat, this way you’ll never have dirty dishes piling up in the sink.

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