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How To Do Self Care: Ancient Practices To Pamper Yourself And Live A Better Life

If you’re here, you must be wanting to invest in self care. Or you might be here to know why self care is important. Whichever way, it’s a great thing that you’re here. Investing in yourself, your well being and happiness validates your existence on earth.

It’s a good thing and the more you take care of yourself, the more you can give others and help the world.

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Afterall, we are but part of the whole unity consciousness of earth.

I apologize if this is getting a bit hippie, it was necessary to share. Moving on, do you know, that self care only recenlty hit the market? Apparently history records self care being almost non existent until the self-care movmement.

Given its recent roots in modern mankind, what better way to learn than watch how our ancestores did this. Check them out:


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Mediatation is nothing but stillness of mind. When you meditate, you give yourself a chane at life. A chance to break away from the monotunous humdrum of the mind. Mediatation gives you the key to discovering who you truly are.


Yoga, the most popular ancient eastern practice has now been adopted worldwide. There are just two things you need from this for perfect self care.

Breathing Exercise(Pranayama)

Keeps you young and energetic. Keeps breathing ailments at bay. Anxiety andother psychological problems are healed through this.

Poses for stress release


Cat-Cow pose, Wind releasng pose, Child pose, Cobra Pose, Warrior pose.

Extensive hair cair routine with drying hair using frangrant smoke from benzoin resin and frankincense

A timless way of drying hair is by soaking it in the smoke from benzoin resin and frankincense. What happens when you do this is freedom from all types of sinusitis and stronger hair roots. The fragrant smoke is also said to ward of evil or malevolent beings, hence keeping you physically and spiritualy safe.


Wearing fragnant flowers in your hair


Keeps depression and negative thoughts at bay. One of the most ancient ways of keeping women happy in India. Men would always bring home a bunch of tied jasmine or rose flowers for their women. (It does work, I’ve tried it too!)

Soaking in nature’s hot springs
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Science has noted the miraculously healing effects of soaking in hot springs. Hot springs not only relax you and calm your mind but also have therapeautic properties. People with skin diseases have known to be healed while bathing in hot springs. It is that amazing on the body. It is said that it has to do with the rich sulphur content in the hot springs that work such healng magc onthe human body. Well there must be some truth inthis as this is one of the most ancient practices of self care.

Working with soil
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Planting, gardening, pruning. There’s nothing more grounding that soil in life. Ancient self care routines involved a mud bath and soaking in mud. Well, even if you don’t like soaking in mud, just play with it or plant seeds, walk barefoot in it. You’ll not regret this.

How to do self care and make a self care plan?

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Take out time, even 5 minutes is enough for meditation and breathing exercises. If you find yourself very pressed for time and space, check out these amazing ways to make time for yourself in your busy life.

Why self care is important? Well, in the end, you deserve your own love first before giving love to others. Gautama Buddha said this. So don’t be shy of self care, go ahead and jump in and make a self care plan. Make a routine of your favourite self care activities and schedule them over your free time through the week. That’s all there is to making a self care plan.


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