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Healthy Late Night Snacks That Make You Sleep Better And Look Hella Fine!

That 2 a.m hunger growl and sleepless walking about like a zombie. Well, who hasn’t been there?!

There are a few times in life when sleep just evades you. You find yourself hungry all the time and unable to sleep. Happened to me too, heck I even started wondering if I was a vampire.


Such is the state of sleeplessness. It can turn a sane and normal person into an anxious heaping mound of brain fog and anorexia. Turns out, being unable to fall asleep is curable and the cure is sitting right on most of your kitchen counters.  Yes, I’m talking about late night snacks. Healthy ones that can give you the most pleasant sleep.

Is it healthy to eat at night?

Science seems to think so. Yes. It is healthy. In fact, one of the main reasons people can’t sleep is due to stress and anxiety.

What a healthy late night snack can do is calm your body and relax your muscles. This way dissipating stress becomes easy. Also, if you’re a victim of gastrointestinal issues, then anxiety must be your best friend.

Mental health disorders and gastrointestinal disorders always seem to go hand in hand. Each seems to affect the other in equal and drastic measures.



The best way to heal gastrointestinal issues is by snacking on stuff that actually calms your gut. When your intestinal track falls calm, your mind calms down automatically.

Also, let’s say your main problem is anxiety (or stress) and not digestive issues. In this case, snacking on food rich in good fat and omega 3 puts your stomach to work and as a result, you start feeling sleepy. When you eat a heavy and rich food item, your stomach draws energy from your body to digest it, hence making you drowsy and wanting to lie down a bit.

You get how it helps now, don’t you?.




After all, stress and sleeplessness can cause you to gain way more weight than snacking on healthy stuff ever does. In fact, researchers discovered a connection between the state of mind while eating to the amount of fat gained.

To have a good state of mind, you need sleep and for good sleep, you may need a healthy late night snack. There’s really no harm in it.

So, what are some healthy snack options?

[..]explains why bedtime snacks can indeed help you sleep. It has to do with your metabolic hormones. If you don’t have enough leptin, the hormone that signals satiety, your body could wake you up. [..]you have to choose your snacks wisely. Light dairy and carbohydrate-rich snacks are the way to go

– Thehealthysnacksblog

#1 Bananas

Courtesy : Medium


#2 Almonds and Walnuts




#3 Organic Yoghurt


Courtesy: Good Food


#4 Berries and Tart Cherry Juice



#5 White rice


Courtesy: Healthline


#6 Chamomile tea and Passiflora Tea


#7 Fatty Fish (steam cooked or fried)


Courtesy: Medical News Today


#8 Cottage Cheese
Courtesy: FSU college of Human Sciences


#9 Oatmeal


Courtesy: A pinch of Healthy


#10 Milk


Courtesy: Daily Farmers Of Canada

That’s about it when it comes to what to eat as a healthy late night snack. So what do you think of this list.Do you feel some items may be missed out or that’s all there is? Let us know.


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  1. Thank you for posting. I will be trying some of these.

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