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Best Ways to Make Time For Yourself In a Busy Life

Cellphones ringing, pagers buzzing, kids constantly crying. Amidst all this, “me time” can definitely look like the stuff of fictional movies. It’s the very nature of our world today. Needing quick fixes to everything, wanting more, and always being on the run. Amidst all this, you may find yourself feeling anything but happy eventually. Lack of “me time” can do that to anybody. But hey, don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some ingenious ways to outsmart your daily chores to having good “me time”.

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How to find time for yourself

This is an old saying, yet true even today. The rich man, poor man, and the laborer all have the same 24 hours of the day. What makes the difference here is how they use this time. Now, this isn’t about waking up early every day to stretch out your day. No, that ain’t for everyone. This is rather an example to show you that even the happiest person in the world has the same 24 hours that you have. How do they find time for themselves in this sea of responsibilities is what we’re going to cover.

#1 Chores can be the ultimate “me time”

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I maximize my “me time” a lot while doing dishes. My way of doing it is by curating a chores-playlist. One that has all my favorite songs. To be honest, there’s nothing better than soul music blasting in your ears as you finish your chores. A win-win situation.

#2 Take 10 minute “me time” breaks every day


When you feel stressed beyond repair, back out and clock a 10-minute power nap or simply doing nothing. This works wonders and helps keep you happy.

#3 Join a class

Looking for a way to get some free guilt-free “me time” ?. Joining a dance class or any class in the field of your choice will give you just that.

#4 Walks are a blessing

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There’s something about walking slowly down the street. Science says walks helps produce oxytocin,(the happy hormone). Apart from this, long walks to the grocery store or just around the block will refresh your mind and help you have a great relationship with yourself.

#5 Maintain a self-care routine


It can be something as simple as a pedicure or facial. Whatever makes your body feel pampered, maintain a routine of that.

#6 Massage is the answer

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A massage never helps said anyone ever!

#7 Bathroom breaks are divine

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You never have to explain why you took long in the bathroom. A bit of solace is all that is required sometimes.

#8 Pursue a hobby daily


Be it gardening, nail art, stamp collection, or horse riding, do what you love for al teat 20 minutes in a day.

#9 Plan a fun activity with your kids

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What’s better than having quiet time with your kids. You can make a fun coloring exercise for you and the kids, y’all can visit the park or play in the backyard. This is the most rewarding thing you can do for “me time”

#10 Journaling

Last but not least, journaling keeps an open channel of communication with yourself. There’s no better way, to be honest to yourself than this. Quality “me time” guaranteed!

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