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How To Know, Love And Have A True Relationship with Yourself While You’re Single

Being happy and whole while single can seem a daunting task in this age of co-dependence. if you agree with this, you might just now how tough social media makes it for singles to be happy as they are. Lovey Dovey couples smooching on the street corners, guys selling roses to eager boyfriends, couples doing romantic luncheon and so much more. It’ a safe to say that we as a people have been sold and highly marketed the idea of living in companionship with someone. Not that companionship is bad, just that this cliched image says that you can be happy only when you have someone as your person. Only when you’re in a relationship, fulfillment can come through.

Despite the modern day and age of today, our parents and every other distant relative seems to think the same. We hardly have elders supporting the notion of being single and happy. Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s very much a reality to be happy on your own. While you may be voluntarily or involuntarily single, these simple, proven steps will ensure that you’re your happiest self while single and otherwise too.

All about being single

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“No man can live as an island,” said a wise person long ago. And to be honest it is actually true. We, humans, are social animals and we need human company however trivial, to keep the Oxytocin running. However, when you find yourself feeling lonely lost and out of focus even in a crowd of thousands, it’s time to consider building a solid relationship with yourself. The truth is, not many of us are comfortable with our own company, hence the desperation to find someone to kill time with. We are own worst nightmare at times. A simple way to deal with is by going back to how you were as a child.

How to be happy and fulfilled while single


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Did the child you care about how you looked or behaved? Did the child you have unshakable confidence in everything you did?. Go back to your roots, this will center you see your true nature, your true self without any filters of parental and societal conditioning. this is the first step to building a relationship with yourself.


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Make a bucket list of all the things you always dreamed of doing and go for them one at a time. This not only helps you feel like you’re awesome but also helps you befriend your true self. You see, no one is going to accomplish your hearts desires for you except yourself. You are your true hero and in this lies the sole foundation to any successful romantic relationship in the future. No matter how awesome your partner is, in the end, the relationship is a success only if you are your own awesome self and bring to the table your own set of contributions. Emotionally, physically and mentally. Loving and befriending yourself is the second step to building a strong bond with the self, while single.



Given that your single,  you must obviously have a lot of alone time. Try cooking meals for yourself at least once a day. This enforces the idea of self-love and self-compassion. By doing so, you only make stronger the bond you already have with yourself. By doing these three steps, you are laying the foundation for not just a happy single life but a joyful existence irrespective of whether you’re in a relationship or not.

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