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Here’s The Best Diet Plan For Men To Get That Perfectly Chiseled Body

So, you want to lose weight and are looking for a quick fix to shed those extra kilos? It is a horrible idea. Dieting is not an effective way to get into shape. Then what is the best diet plan for men? When you are planning to lose weight, think about long term sustainability rather than getting down to quick fix. Remember, the faster you lose wight, the faster you’ll gain it back. Instead of making weight loss your priority, make consuming a healthy diet as your chosen lifestyle. Everything else will follow, even the chiseled body that you have been secretly hoping for. 😉

Healthy Diet Plan For Men

There are a number of healthy diets for men to choose from. Depending upon their goals, suitability, and body structure, they can choose any of these diets to have a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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Ketogenic Diet: The idea of a ketogenic diet is to cut down on carbohydrates and increase the intake of a fat-rich diet. This puts your body in a state of ketosis which means your body burn fats instead of carbohydrates. It is a well-recommended diet for weight loss.

Paleo Diet: Paleo diet means going back to primitive times and eat what cavemen used to eat 10,000 years ago. This includes lean meat, fruits, nuts, vegetables, nut oils, etc. Highly effective for weight loss, it strictly abstains from grains, legumes, dairy products, alcohol, and processed foods.

Volumetric Diet: It is a reduced calorie eating diet focused on eating food with low energy and high fiber and water content. This is the best diet for men who want to lose weight. It decreases the intake of calories by eliminating hunger since fiber takes a long time to digest.

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Vegetarian Diet: It is a healthy diet plan for men who are trying to cut down on meat and live a healthy lifestyle. Animal meat has saturated fat and high cholesterol which pose long term risks on your health. Also, they are full of hormones and antibiotics which are not good for your body. Switch to green veggies, tofu, soya, and whole grains for a healthy balanced diet.

Mediterranean-style diet: this type of diet which includes fish, olive oil, herbs, nut, seeds, and fruits. It helps you stay away from red meat, refined grains, sugar, and butter, all of which are causes of weight gain. It also lowers the risk of heart diseases which is why it is the best diet for men.

DASH Diet: DASH diet, meaning Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension, is aimed to lower high blood pressure using healthy eating strategies. The diet strategy limits sodium intake to 1,500-2,300 milligrams a day by limiting processed food, sugar, and alcohol and including whole grains, fruits, nut, legumes, and vegetables.

Characteristics of the best diest for men

Whatever diet you may choose, it must have the following characteristics if you want your diet and weight loss plan to show effective results.

Low in calories

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If you want to shed those extra kilos, then you need to cut down carbs from your diet. The characteristic of the best diet for men is lowering the calorie intake instead of drastically cutting it down. A subtraction of 500-750 calories from your diet daily is enough to lose 1 and half a pound per week. A man has to have 1,500-18,00 calories per day to lose weight and stay healthy but this could vary from individual to individual because of the body type, size, and metabolism.

Well balanced

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A healthy diet plan for men is well-balanced. It should contain a good mix of fruits, fiber, vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans and other legumes. A man must have his daily dose of protein which he can get from poultry, fish, seafood, and tofu. For an effective weight loss strategy, he needs to cut down unhealthy carbohydrates from his diet and include low-fat dairy food or plant milk.

Full of veggies

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Whatever you believe, the best diet plan for men is one that contains vegetables. It is because vegetables are rich in satiating fiber, low in calories, and full of nutrients. Also, consuming vegetables keep chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes at bay. Therefore, you must add non-starchy veggies like cucumbers,  bell peppers, leafy greens, and tomatoes to your diet.

Not Fat-free

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It has been a myth for long that a fat-free diet is the healthy diet plan for men. Finally, the myth has been debunked.

New research has found that diet plans including fats are effective for long term weight loss and fat loss.

Low carb diet keeps you full for a longer time thus reducing the intake of calories. This way, your body burns fat to produce energy and you end up burning fat in place of carbohydrates. This is called keto diet – one of the best diets for men if they want to lose weight and fat in the body.

Long Term Sustainability

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Diets are not all about losing fat. The best diet plan for man is one that prevents hunger and nutrient deficiencies while maintaining high energy levels. Cutting on macronutrients drastically can lead to hunger, headaches, fatigue, hair loss, and other deficiencies.




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