Latest Home Trends In 2019 You Have Got To Bookmark Right Away

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Home is not just a place you live, it is also an extension of your personality. Your house can say a lot about you as a person. This is why your home decor should resonate with your personality. As the trends keep coming and going, it becomes hard to keep up to date with the latest home decor styling. Whether you are moving into a new place or thinking of refurbishing your house, here are some of the home decor trends you are going to see everywhere.

What Are The Latest Home Trends

Bold Wallpapers

bold wallpaper
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Bold wallpapers give out a statement for those who have a flamboyant personality. Adding a pop of color to your room interiors is enough to elevate the decor of your room without putting in much effort. Choose one of the four walls in your room like one behind your bed, or an empty wall in a living room against which you can put the pieces of your furniture.


indoor plants
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Add a whole lot of green in your living spaces because design and nature indeed go hand in hand. Decorate one of the walls in your living room with vertical indoor gardens or hanging plants. You could even keep plants by the sofa. Not only do plants act as natural purifier but also give a soothing appeal to the whole place.


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If you ask what are the latest home trends, then you should know that maximalism is on the rise in 2019. It is all about mixing colors, patterns, and even textures in your decor to come up with something brilliant. Bright colors and graphics pattern gives a sense of bravado and dramatic feeling to your home.

Floral Patterns

floral pattern
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Believe it or not, floral patterns are back again. Actually, it never went out of style anyway. Browsing through home decor and lifestyle magazines is how to know latest home trends. Floral patterns give a feminine appeal to your bedroom space or even the living room. You can either incorporate it in the prints of your bedsheets or wallpaper in the drawing room.

Boho Vibe

boho living room

Boho is all about being full of vibe and cultures. It adds a certain peaceful and happy vibe to the whole setting. For those who like their place to be carefree and relaxed can spruce up thier home decor with antique furnishings and vintage items. Play with earthy, warm colors like brown, green, and grays as a base and then layer it up with fiery orange, or livid purple.

Metal Mixing

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Do you know what’s in this year? Having an ensemble of metals in your home. It really imparts a timeless and tasteful ambiance to the decor. mix metal, brass, nickel, and gold accents in your furniture and art pieces. Observing the details closely in your favorite TV soaps is another way how you come to know latest designs.

Lightwood Flooring

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There is a variety of flooring you can choose from, but for this year, lightwood is the clear winner. It has lately become a favorite of interior designers and homemakers because it can transition from casual to sophistication without much effort. With the shades of white and light oak, birch, and beachy, it makes the whole place look more airy and spacious.

White Interiors

white interiors
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One home decor trend that will stay in 2019 is the white color taking over the decor scene. Think of it as a blank white canvas and then splurge some colors on it. You can play with neutral layers and tons of texture using white as the foundation of your decor. It is refreshing, bold, and youthful.


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Cane is in. In 2019, people are moving forward with more sustainable and natural products. If you too want to move along with the trend, add colorful can baskets and even furniture to your porch or living room to make your place look more lively and eco-friendly.


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