7 Horrible Things Overdose Of Caffeine Will Do To Your Body

You know you are a caffeine addict when coffee is the first thing you need as soon as you wake up to transform from a zombie into a fully-functioning human. It is hard to imagine a world without coffee. For such people, it is an elixir for life. Or is it?

You think you cannot survive without your ‘cuppa joe’ but it might slowly be killing you to death. Don’t worry! It is only likely in case of higher doses. Sure there are both, pros and cons of caffeine that cannot be ignored. While it is a great mood booster and enhances your mental and physical performance, there are chances that it may have some dangerous side effects on your body too.

What are those lethal side effects? Let’s find out.

Cons of Caffeine You Didn’t Know Existed

Coffee may not kill you, but here are some serious side effects that over-consumption of coffee can cause:

#1 Anxiety

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Caffeine-induced anxiety is one of the serious cons of coffee. Higher doses of coffee suppress adenosine, a brain chemical that makes you feel tired while it also induces the release of adrenaline causing the increase in energy leading to anxiety and nervousness.

#2 Insomnia

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If you are having trouble falling asleep at night, it could be your huge doses of coffee. One of the reasons why people drink coffee is to stay awake. If consumed in higher doses, it can lead to insomnia. This is why it is recommended to not consume coffee or tea past your bedtime. If it is not coffee, it could be the consumption of the foods that have caffeine that might be interrupting with your sleep cycle. Energy drinks and sodas too have a significant amount of caffeine concentration.

#3 High Blood Pressure

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If you have observed a spike in your blood pressure, it could be one of the cons of coffee. Due to its effect on the nervous system, coffee causes an elevation in the blood pressure. This could be a huge risk factor for heart attack and failure. However, this impact is temporary and is seen strongest in those people who are not consuming it.

#4 Fatigue

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If you think coffee and tea provide you with instant energy, it might as well be responsible for fatigue. Though coffee and tea increase alertness once it begins to leave your system, they eventually cause fatigue in your body. This is known as the rebound effect. “What goes up must come down.” When that coffee begins to wear off, you are back to being a zombie. Were you aware of this side effect of tea and coffee?

#5 Rapid Heart Rate

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No, it is not your crush who caused your heart to beat faster. It is a high dose of coffee that’s been doing the damage. In case you didn’t know, a high dose of coffee is also responsible for causing atrial fibrillation or altered heartbeat rhythm in some people of younger age.

#6 Digestive Problems

Okay! Coffee may help you get your bowels moving in the morning but it can also do you more harm than you think. The reason why coffee is a great laxative is that coffee releases gastrin, a hormone that your stomach produces to speed up the activity in the colon. What it also stimulates is peristalsis, the contractions in the digestive tract to let food pass through. So, if you have been experiencing diarrhea or loose stools, there is a great chance that coffee might be the reason.

#7 Short Menstrual Cycle

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It has been found in a study that high doses of caffeine in women can cause shorter menstrual cycles which is not great for long term health implications. Caffeine on periods might help you with cramps but it also aggravates bloating, headache, and nausea. This is why some people recommend abstaining from coffee during periods.

Don’t be scared to read the cons of caffeine. Obviously, too much of anything (even love) can kill you. Caffeine addiction is a serious problem. You might want to cut down on your dose though if you want to live a healthier and longer life.


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