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Get Out Of A Bad Mood In 5 Minutes With These Scientific Hacks

Does it happen quite often that you find yourself down in the dumps, and it seems that food and funny memes can’t cheer you up anymore?

Well, life has a way of handing us out lemons more often than it gives strawberries, so there isn’t much we can do about it. Good and bad, happy and sad, we are here to experience life as how it is.

According to psychologists and behavioural scientists, there are certain simple and easy things you can do to improve your bad mood, and you can do them in less than 5 minutes:

#1. EFT Tapping

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EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping is a method that can reduce stress and anxiety levels within 5 minutes. It was used on war veterans and people suffering with PTSD, and researchers found that their condition improved drastically.

Although a placebo method, EFT tapping works by putting pressure on certain points on your face or neck or rest of the body.

Here’s a quick guide to EFT tapping and how to do it yourself.

#2. Eat something

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Some people get into a bad mood often because they are hungry. But even if your bad mood has nothing to do with being hungry, eating something will still help you feel better.Turns out that evolution has something to do with this, as having food or eating food subconsciously makes you feel that you are going to survive.

So even if you are not hungry, you can munch on some dry fruits, peanuts, berries, cut-up apples, grapes, anything you like. And if you are hungry, then eat any kind of comfort food you want.

You can try these 9 quick and easy ways to make delicious eggs.

#3. Aromatherapy

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Neurologists at the Medical University in Vienna, Austria did multiple experiments on how certain smells affect your mood. They found that the smell of lavender or orange is most effective for reducing anxiety and improving your mood by a great deal.

Orange is not just good for curing anxiety, here are 10 other remarkable things you can do with an orange.

#4. Go for a quick walk outside

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Studies have shown that exercise is as effective to reduce stress and anxiety, when compared to antidepressants and CBT(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Walking outside in the nature is a blessing for those in a foul mood, since it can restore your peace of mind by grounding and calming your thoughts.

If you live in a concrete jungle, then you can still go for a walk on the streets. Try to take a different or unusual route, and the change of scenario will help you feel better.

#5. Give yourself a PEP talk

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It is understandable that most people suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression have low self-esteem and probably hate themselves.

But the best way to get out of this is acceptance of yourself, and knowing that your trauma is not your fault. And most of the problems that we deal with on a daily basis are caused by Capitalism and social exploitation, and not because of some individual shortcomings.

After knowing that the problem exists in the establishment order and not within you, you can start giving yourself little pep talks and occasionally pat your own back for getting yourself through the day. Life is hard, and the fact that you are here today is because you have done great to make it this far. Keep going, you got this. We will all be okay.

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