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10 Brilliant And Unexpected Things You Can Do With Orange Peels

Orange is a much more extraordinary fruit than we think. It is rich in vitamin C, essential oils, and exudes a unique scent that’s quite fresh. So when you next time have an orange, do not throw away the peels. Because the peels share the goodness of the fruit as well.

Orange peels are not just good for exfoliating your skin, they also have many extraordinary uses around your house.

Let’s find out:

#1. Refresh your fridge interior

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If your refrigerator has a sour smell, then all you need to do is to put inside a few orange peels with salt and leave it for a while. The salt absorbs all the bad smell and the moisture from the refrigerator’s air, and the orange peels release a refreshing citrus scent.

Once you find the salt has become damp, then throw the peels and the salt out. Then you can place a fresh set of peels and salt in the fridge, as needed.

#2. For cleaning wood

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Wood cleaner made from orange peels keeps the wood surfaces not only clean and shining, but also adds a fruity scent.

There is a simple way to make a natual, non-toxic cleaner by using the peels and vinegar: Fill a jar halfway with orange peels, then pour vinegar into it until the jar is filled completely. Let the mixture rest for two weeks, then remove the peels by straining the solution. Now you are ready to use it into your spray bottle.

#3. For cleaning stainless steel

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Stainless steel easily gathers water stains and orange peels are perfect to clean them. Because they are rich in tough, natural oils, orange peels make stainless steel clean and shiny, looking as good as new.

#4. Refresh the smell of your closet

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We often find that our closets sometimes have this old, musty odor that is obviously not pleasant. It is suggested that you take a handful of orange peels, and put them with your clothes inside the closet. Peels soon soak up the odor and release their fruity citrus smell.

#5. For conditioning your hair

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Since oranges are rich in vitamin C, they make a perfect conditioner for hair. You can make this conditioner by blending a whole orange without peeling it, then apply it to the full length of your hair. This will keep your hair soft and smooth, and also adds a lot of volume to your scalp.

#6. As a skincare miracle

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Face masks made from orange peels are ideal for removing blackheads, dead cells, and acne from your face. For removing tan from your face, you can blend the orange peels with milk or curd.

#7. Prevent sugar from forming clumps

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Keeping sugar for a long while can lead to formation of rock hard clumps. You can prevent this by keeping a few orange peels in your jar of sugar. Peels distribute moisture evenly throughout the jar, so the sugar clumps break apart into powdery sugar within just a few hours after placing the peels inside.

#8. Remove the stinking smells from your drainage

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The sink in your kitchen and bathroom keeps gathering grease and grime everyday, and it eventually starts stinking. Essential oils and juices from orange peels are ideal for cutting through the grease and adding a fresh smell. Using orange peels will also make the drain look spotless.

#9. Keeping the bugs out

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Orange peels contain 95% concentration of limonene, a chemical that is a naturally occurring bug-repellent chemical. Keep orange peels in your yard, outside your door and windows to keep the bugs out. It works on flies, mosquitoes, and plenty of other bugs.

#10. Better bonfire

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You can use dried orange peels to create a fire that burns better and smells better. Natural oils of orange peels burn slowly as compared to twigs or newspapers, and that’s how they give you a long-lasting fire with a refreshing aroma in the house.



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